Monday, April 10, 2017

Reason #224 for why we can't have nice things


G said...

Ehh.... I only give him a 7/10 on the douchebaggery scale since someone could still sit sideways on the two outside seats. To score higher, he should have put the suitcase between the inner seats and then stretched out across the two outer seats, effectively blocking the quad from everyone else. Bonus points could be obtained for cutting toenails while hogging all the seats. With practice and careful observation of more experienced douchebags, I'm sure he can achieve greatness.

C.J. Smith said...


Big Ed said...

This nonsense would come to a very quick end if the CSR's required the doucebag to purchase 3 more tickets for the seats taken.

Unknown said...

I wish I could have gotten a picture last night of the individual who should never be allowed to ride public transportation.

He managed to take over a quad. With himself and his coat. People eventually sat next to him - but left pretty quick after sitting. I think he must have stunk. But it was the 4.30 so desperate people did sit there.

A woman asked him twice to move his coat to sit kitty-corner from him. He eventually moved it, but left this weird fur trim thing on the seat. She had to ask him AGAIN to move it. She sat. He sat with feet on the seats.

On the 4:30 train, there was an empty seat for the entire train ride. All because of this douche bag.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

That's the problem with going out in public: Anywhere you go, you always run into someone "who happens to be the 'new owner of the place'" and "whatever they say goes".
That is, of course, until they finally depart and another "new owner" strolls on in shortly after, and then THEIR word is now the "rule-of-law".