Tuesday, April 18, 2017

When you're so entitled and the all the space belongs only to you

So last night this woman who yapped on her phone for the whole train ride on the 4:30 pm train from Union to Oshawa, took offence when another passenger coughed while waiting to exit the train. I do believe she was reminded by other passengers it was the Quiet Zone, but didn't clearly give two shits. I could hear her over my headphones and I was five quads away from her.

Phone lady, who clearly felt the Quiet Zone meant only others had to be quiet, was seated sideways on her seat, leaning into the top part of the stairwell and to be honest, was blocking the aisle. Her head was lowered down which made it awkward for those standing in the aisle while the train pulled into the station.

The confrontation I witnessed happened when I was standing on the first step. Behind me stood another passenger who coughed suddenly. This clearly awoken Satan on a cellphone, who, not even politely, told the passenger who coughed that they rudely coughed right in her face. Satan went on and on about how much she didn't appreciate it. The passenger who coughed would have none of this fuckery and told Satan she didn't appreciate how she talked the whole train ride in the Quiet Zone.

I don't know how it ended as I was "salmoned" off the train, but I really wanted to put in my 2 cents. I'm bummed I didn't even get a chance. I should have spoken up the minute Satan felt her health and overall immune system had been compromised. Argh.

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