Thursday, August 3, 2017


date:Wed, Aug 2, 2017 at 6:38 PM
subject:LSE 6 PM Express Train

The guy in the plaid shirt sitting with one leg in the aisle brought his bike on the train at rush hour, then muttered under his breath while pointing at the bicycle sign "it says two bike but I guess you guys don't want to share" while he proceeded to prop his bike against the two seats across from us (blocking them in the process as seen in the pic).   I told him that bikes weren't permitted on rush hour trains and he says defensively "oh really?  Thanks for the information but that's the UP Express". So of course I Google it on my phone and proceed to tell him that in fact it does include Go trains.  He starts telling me off and says I need to get a life LOL.  Such entitlement.   Then I just tell him " I'm just letting you know to educate you" to which he replies  "I'm a lawyer,  I don't need education". So ironic.  So much for using his lawyering mind to read the fine print.  

from:Cindy (Cj) Smith
date:Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 7:14 AM
subject:Re: LSE 6 PM Express Train

Bravo to you for speaking up to this self righteous jerk. That takes a lot of courage and despite his grandstanding, I'm sure he thought about it all night. And hopefully, he's more respectful next time.
When people are defensive like that, it's a telling sign they already knew they were breaking a rule. Honest people don't react this way. There's usually a hint of embarrassment followed by apologies. 


Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed how many people are "lawyers"

C.J. Smith said...

Me too! Everyone that writes me is either one, has one or knows one personally.

Nora1968 said...

If I had boarded that train, and if the bike wasn't secured to a pole, I would absolutely have moved it (not sure where) and had a seat. And would have waited with great and delighted anticipation for this jerk to approach me and demand to know why I had touched and moved his property. It would have been especially fun when he inevitably informed me that he was a lawyer. It would have been my extreme pleasure to tell him that his bike didn't hold 2 tickets and thus doesn't get to take up 2 seats, PARTICULARLY on a train where bikes aren't allowed at all.

Oh how I wish I'd been on that train - this entitlement of bike owners on rush hour trains drives me bananas (I was just back & forth to GO via Twitter earlier this week on the same subject).

In fact, I'd strongly encourage BN to send this story to @LSETrain via Twitter since they are apparently (according to what they told me) in the process of gathering complaints re: bike issues on the train.

Unknown said...

They made an announcement on my LSE train yesterday that bikes were not allowed during rush hour.

Unknown said...

They made an announcement on my LSE train yesterday that bikes were not allowed during rush hour.

BN said...

You know, I'm actually not the type to speak up but his sense of entitlement and lack of manners was particularly egregious. I would never go out of my way to confront someone who was "breaking the rules", as long as it wasn't adversely affecting other people--I've seen people with bikes plenty of times during rush hour. The difference is that they try to minimize their impact on others and try to be considerate, inasmuch as one can be considerate while flaunting the rules.

This guy actually accosted me and the other man who were sitting in the "bike" seats and accused us of not wanting to "share". This was just too much, even for someone as conflict averse as me.

There are a couple of points of irony here:

1) The fact that he is a lawyer and not only did he not familiarize himself with the rules, but he regressed immediately upon being confronted with the facts and came back with this zinger of an argument: "Shut up, get a life" (repeated over and over). Hope he fares better in the courtroom.

2) Accused us of not sharing--proceeded to block two seats with his bike, part of the other doorway with giant duffel, and took yet a third seat for himself. Yes, that much douchiness in one person

I would share to Twitter but I don't have an account (if anyone knows how, feel free)...would it just fall on deaf ears anyway? Just having you guys sympathize made my day :)

C.J. Smith said...

I has tweeted.

Skin Man said...

BN for the win!

Phynesse said...

Go needs to do a better job of informing riders of the bike policy. I have two bikes on my LSW rush hour train even day.