Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Meanwhile, at Oshawa GO

Because sometimes you just gotta take yer trash to the GO parking lot. #stayclassy #stayclassyoshawa #gotrain

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Nora1968 said...

There is at least one more bag of trash (now partially torn and garbage everywhere) in the section of the Oshawa GO parking lot where I usually park. Naturally, no one to whom it doesn't belong wants (or feels obliged) to touch it and apparently no one at GO does either. Disgusting. Meanwhile, one wonders WHY someone would decide to bag up what is obviously their stupid amount of car garbage and LEAVE IT ON THE GROUND???

Unknown said...

I wouldn't touch someone else's garbage so I get why others won't touch it.

But my guess it belongs to someone out of town. The next county over (Northumberland) changes per bag of garbage (unlike Durham where you get 4 bags every two weeks). Someone may have felt it was easier and cheaper to just dump it when they were visiting.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Keep this up and next thing you know---people will also start spitting on the sidewalks.
Wait a minute! ....Hell, they already DO, don't they?