Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Good god, how is it that it is almost the middle of March?

And how is it, that we're less than 2 years away from 2020 and we're just now hearing that construction is to begin on extending the Lakeshore East GO train corridor to Bowmanville - completion date is 2024. I say add five more years to that.

This has been an election promise for Durham since 1987.


I can't validate it, and fully admit this is hearsay, but I have met people from the Bowmanville area who told me they bought houses in Bowmanville in the early 90s, because it was thought that commuting wouldn't be an issue in a few years... see how that worked out for them!?

Oh and my Cobourg friends? I have't forgotten about that GO bus service you were promised back 2007, which resulted in a $150,000 study that took eight years to complete.


Why? Because when it was announced in 2016 that Metrolinx was going to push through the Lakeshore East expansion, you lost your bus from Oshawa. I can only presume you'll get a bus from Bowmanville.

Here's the article about the Lakeshore East expansion construction start.


G said...

Oh CJ, your undying optimism is so endearing. You think the extension will be complete by 2029!? Bwa ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

All construction should be measured in Burlingtons. So if it takes 10 years, it took 2 Burlingtons to complete.

Rory said...

I'll never understand why Government in this country is so slow to ever get anything done. It seems to be so ingrained in the work culture there that if you ask someone from Government why things are so slow they just look at you funny like they don't understand the question.

GO Voyageur said...

I agree with Anonymous that "a Burlington" should be the official measure of time for Metrolinx projects. Unfortunately, we don't know the duration of "a Burlington", because Burlington GO station is not complete for at least the following reasons:
● Hot coffee/tea has not been available for purchase there since Nov. 30, 2012 — the last day the old station was open for business.
● There have been no confirmed sightings of working solar panels on the roof.
● There has been no blowout bash with Metrolinx brass and politicians cutting a ribbon, backslapping one another, and taking credit for expediting the completion of this disaster.

Skin Man said...

I love, love, LOVE, the measure called "Burlington"!

Bicky said...

At the rate things are going, it will be another 3 Burlingtons before Burlington is finished.

Robert Mackenzie said...

Hamilton has been promised all-day, two-way GO-train service since at least the time that I lived there, if not longer. Since I moved permanently to Toronto in 1977, that's a very, very long time indeed. And we've gone through several PC and Liberal governments (and one NDP government) since then...

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the new website? It's timetables continue the mistake of their predecessor (date based instead of weekday based) and contain even less info, making it harder to plan your commute!

Another screw up by Metrolinx I&IT (Indian and Islamic Technology). At this point they cannot even blame the poor quality work of offshore development in India because the developers there (probably InfoSys), coded to a spec. It's the spec that I&IT produced not reflective of user needs. Check out the source code of the pages too; not reflective of modern single page applications. Sadly, that would be the fault of the offshore India software developers.

Nora1968 said...

And now they're trumpeting the news that they're starting to build essentially a Kiss 'n Ride bus hub at what is supposed to be the site of the Courtice station (like, years ago). Because what everyone wants to do it to drive to a bus hub, get out of their car, and then wait for a bus to get them to the station they're not supposed to have to access anymore (Oshawa) to wait for a train. Seriously?

Oh - and the "only rush hour service, weekdays" piece for Courtice and Bowmanville is fantastic too. If even that ever happens.