Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sooooo, how's the new Bay St Concourse coming along... ?

But first, let's just remember the good ol' days courtesy of Instagram:

The new Concourse on the Bay Street side of Union Station is supposed to open at the end of this year. Because I'm too lazy to research it right now, I believe it's actually progressing on schedule. Holler at me if I'm wrong.


Ed said...

I've been in the construction area and it looks like they're moving along as expected. But, and this is a big but there are usually unknowns like old pipes, conduits and wires to be found that were never documented. They have to stop work in the area and check out the unexpected item and assure that it can be removed or whatever. Generally that's only an hour or so but it adds up.
They have found some interesting items from the dig from what appears to be a garbage dump backfill.
I'm really looking forward to a whole new Union Station that doesn't look like my grandmas bathroom.

Warren Downe said...

With Bondfield Construction in charge, what could possibly prevent the October 2018 completion date from being realized? Renovations of the new concourse might even finish before Burlington GO.