Wednesday, April 18, 2018

How to tell a provincial election in Ontario is on the horizon?


By Kørn Brüm

For this story, we need some musical accompaniment from the Five Man Electrical Band (originally named The Staccatos).

Is it my imagination that Metrolinx signs are sprouting up everywhere like tulips?  On March 12, Allan Benner, reported the following:

The following day the same thing happened in St. Catharines:

And now, in Courtice, we have sightings of the following:

Is this a spring phenomenon?  As I write this article, rain, sleet, and ice pellets are pinging off my window.  That’s not very spring-like.  No, the cynic in me thinks this is nothing but another election ploy.

Grimsby, this election, you deserve a Metrolinx sign!
St. Catharines, this election, you deserve a Metrolinx sign!
Courtice, this election, you deserve a Metrolinx sign!

This election, EVERYONE gets a Metrolinx sign!

Fulfillment of promises?  Ummm…  Soon.  Yeah, soon.


Ed said...

Hey votes do not come cheap. Wynne and her cast of idiots are terribly busy throwing cash around will nilly just to prove that they are the natural governing party.
eHeath, Orng, the gas plants, the health (non)tax? Phhht we can afford that.
Our fine and upstanding provincial finance minister bragging about the deficit and is proud of it?

Time for new blood. Anyone but the liberals. Well maybe not the (not so) New Dopey party, but maybe they've shed Bob Rae's effects by now.

Unknown said...

Apparently there is also a new sign at the Knob Hill site in Oshawa foretelling a new Park and ride.

Robert Wightman said...

Signs signs everywhere a sign!