Thursday, April 19, 2018

Meet Harvey. Harvey is GO Transit's new parking enforcement officer


Anonymous said...


C.J. Smith said...

His wings are tucked in, in the original pic. So I photoshopped in a wing so he could hold the megaphone. His other wing is cold.

deepfish said...

Can't be an enforcement officer. He's actually posted to an area that needs enforcement. A true enforcement officer would be standing behind a table with five or six other enforcement officers, a table filled with PR pamphlets promising bold new initiatives and commitments to passenger comfort and safety and/or a cute passive aggressive full colour brochure on etiquette fails.

Then, if you go up to inform them of a nearby parking or smoking infraction, he would nod his head and say something non committal.
Of course, I am only basing this on direct experience, your experience could differ.

Robert Wightman said...

What does he do for punishment? Crap on the car, or better still the smokers? Geese can break you arm or fibia with a blow from their wing so don't scof at them.