Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Safety Circle

I'm not keen with people invading my personal space. Please, do stretch out. Don't let my legs interfere with your comfort!

I then accidentally kicked her.

Me - 1. Dirty Linebacker - 0.


Peter B said...

In the interest of "going green", I believe the DL was just recycling the empty space. Don't be too harsh on her.

PS - I'd be careful 'bout that kicking ... from the pic she appears to have a 'positional advantage' on ya.

Camilla said...

Peter is right, you were not using the space anyways, so really... lol!
But she could at least have asked, for that she earned a gentle kick for sure!

Liz said...

Ah hahahaha! I love the photo! Did she see you take it???

Crazy train said...

I don't think she noticed. She was in a coma and I look like I'm reading a text when I snap photos. I am very incognito and stealth-like.

Nora said...

I had this happen to me once but in a slightly different way - I was in a quad sitting opposite an average-height guy who thought it would be entirely appropriate for him to essentially wrap his legs around mine so he could stretch out.

And, when I called him on it, he just laughed....and didn't move them!