Monday, March 1, 2010

Yes please. Send in your beefs! Looking to hear from Ajax GO Train commuters ...

Eleanor had this to say about Ajax 'people' and the mad sprinting y'all do from the train to the parking lot. The goal is to be first out of the lot, everyone else be damned!

Women are shoved aside, frail elderly men are tossed like bowling pins as y'all barrel down the stairs. Mothers cry, 'You go on without me!' as children are swept up by the crowd.

During storms, there's little time to clean off cars and drivers rely on 19-inch round holes in windshields to navigate the lot. Pedestrians be damned! You may be dead but at least I made it home by 5:30!!!

Is Ajax really that bad?


Anonymous said...

yes. ajax riders are rude. there's only one way out and no one has any patience. i'm glad someone called it out.

RonNasty said...

Same thing happens in Oakville, and it's going to get worse. The rush hour trains no longer use track 1, which means that all those people go through 2 exits from the platform. Thats were the problems lie. Before, on track 1, there were half a dozen.

Camilla said...

It's all about being first, and all about not being last! No matter the cost.
Happy to say I don't have to ride that train on a regular basis!