Friday, May 14, 2010


Before I begin today's post, I aplogize for yesterday's lack of mindless nonsense. I didn't ride the train as I drove my ass into Toronto for a conference. As I type this, the guy across from me is air drumming and tapping out beats on his knapsack, oblivious to the fact that some of us just aren't that much into Reo Speedwagon as him. I suggest he "roll with the changes" ... maybe just roll right off the train.

My train friend finally told me her name but I've already committed myself to the name Charlotte which will now be difficult to break. Charlotte it is.

Also, Charlotte would like you for a**holes at Ajax to let her off the train in the morning. Shocking, I know, that some people actually get off at stops before Union.


TomW said...

Dont' be silly - all GO users want to go to Union in the morning. If people start getting off elsewhere, where will it end?

Anonymous said...

Nobody goes TO Ajax, you just go THROUGH Ajax...

Sue B said...

Hi Cindy.
I know Charlotte. We work in the same building.
She is a great girl. Charlotte is the one that told me about your blog. Love it.

To TomW and Anonymous,
Some people actually do live and work in Ajax. Surprise!!!! lol

Cindy, keep up the daily blogs. They are great and I can always used a chuckle everyday.