Thursday, May 6, 2010


No, you are not cool standing there smoking on the platform under a big yellow sign asking people not to. Why? Because it's the damn law and it applies to everyone. How fair is that to the smokers who do comply?

What? Are you special?

Did your mom not hug you enough as a kid that you think being a rebel means you resort to sucking on a cancer stick and blowing your toxic bullsh*t into others' air space?

Laziness gives no one the right to break the law. Smoke in the parking lot and then you can join those of us who obey the law.



Anonymous said...

You think that is bad....

Last Saturday was the weed march downtown. My friends and I were going downtown to go shopping. We got on the train in Whitby, in the middle section of a car and before the train even left the platform a guy took out his pipe and started smoking up!!!!

Do whatever you want in your spare time but the train ride is shared time! WTF was he thinking!

Anonymous said...

If they enforced the smoking bylaw on GO property I am a firm believer that the fines would keep them from having to jack the cost of our passes for a couple of years.

k said...

They'd make a fortune in Whitby, Oshawa and Ajax. People who do this are rude and inconsiderate. I smoke but I'm respectful of the law. At one time, I could smoke anywhere but as much as I disagree the law is the law and it's the way of the law. If I can refrain, SO CAN YOU.