Friday, May 21, 2010

Listen up, dirty turnips. Why overhearing half a cellphone conversation is so annoying

From the Los Angeles Times

A new study shows why the ever-present cellphone conversations going on around us—in the grocery store, mall, airport, elevator, on the bus (on the GO Train!), etc.—feel so intrusive.

Cellphones have made phone conversations ubiquitous. But many people confess to feeling a bit startled, then irritated, when they hear speech, think someone is talking to them, and then realize the person nearby is talking to someone else on the phone.

It turns out that our brains just don't like this phenomenon.



Anonymous said...

I take the GO from Bramalea to Union and am sick of these one sided conversations, especially in the morning. Who do you need to talk to at 7a.m.??? Whatever happened to quiet contemplation, or reading the paper or a book?? And don't get me started on people who walk and text at the same time, not paying any attention to who is in front of them or behind them. It's a very sad world we live in where people can't seem to live without cell phones.

it's whitby, bitch said...

Then there are still the fools who talk at volume 10

cause they try to impress everyone they have a cell phone. News alert dork,,, everyone has a cell phone, shut the hell up and keep your bland conversation to your self.

Karen said...

Last tuesday I had to pump up the volume on my ipod way beyond comfortable because the idiot beside me was talking so loud on her cell. I couldn't drown her out. A total loser on the 5:10 pm lakeshore east. I think she made 4 calls on her way home, and judging by the conversation, none of them were of any importance. "Hi, what are you doing? What are you doing later? What are you doing tomorrow? I'm on the GO train. I'm on my way home. What's on TV?....."
This fascinating conversation took place at an astounding volume.

Anybody remember the "tickets" that you could stick on somebody's windshield, where you can check off all the idiotic things that the person did? I think they need a comeback. We can hand out tickets to morons as they de-train.