Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hairy eyeball

by Mike L.

On the way into Union this morning, I had the pleasure of riding in a quad with two snot-nosed kids and their space cadet mother.

These kids spit their gum out at each other, picked their noses and then wiped whatever gold they dug out onto each other's seats and slapped each other with their sandals.

This went on for well over 20 minutes before I let out a huge sigh and fixed them both with an icy death stare.

Then suddenly, with little warning, the older of the two boys jumped up to stand on his seat and screamed at me.

"Stop giving us the hairy eyeball!" He yelled.

He then spent the rest of the ride complaining to his mother how I kept giving him and his brother the hairy eyeball. Eventually, as we were just passing through Danforth, I got up and went to stand downstairs.

Who are you parents? And who the hell says "hairy eyeball" these days?

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Camilla said...

I'd like to know what the mom said to her kids, if anything.

The biggest disservice you can do to your kids is to neglect teaching them manners. Please, thank you, excuse me, sorry, table manners, not interrupting, sharing and taking turns are not luxuries. They are just smart living skills that will always serve your child well.
Don't rely on the school, daycare, babysitter to teach them. It's your responsibility as the parent!