Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hundred dollah bill, y'all

Mike has a burning question for us all.

On the weekend, Mike noticed a 100 dollar bill lying on the track at Pickering. He jumped down onto the track to fetch it and wound up being ratted on by another passenger waiting on the platform. Mike won't be facing any prosecution but he was told to surrender the money to lost and found.

He wants to know what y'all think happened to the dough.

I want to know why Mike didn't just go down to the station desk and ask the CSRs if they could get the $100 bill he dropped. Problem solved. Right Mike?

As for the money, it probably did find its way to lost and found but I'm pretty sure there's a law on the books about found money and after a waiting period, it can be claimed as yours.


Anonymous said...

GO's website states "Unfortunately, GO cannot reimburse customers for lost, misplaced, or stolen tickets." I assume the same might hold true for money.

Why doesn't he call GO up claiming to have lost a $100 bill at Pickering and see what happens?

Anonymous said...

Hey mikey. You're not too bright, bro. First, jumping onto the tracks, you're lucky you weren't arrested. Second, you really should have thought this through better.

carrie said...

What business was it of the other person to report this guy?

If there's no train, what's the big deal. That's a $100 bill. Finders keepers

RonNasty said...

I'm more disgusted with the person who turned him in. Do they also complain about smokers? And what about the bag riders? Just turn a blind eye, man.

C.J. Smith said...

Perhaps the person who told on him was jealous of not spying the money first.

carol said...

Anyone who jumps on the tracks is a fool. Period. Go get assistance. Even if the money is found money.