Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Real Estate Fail

No, this isn't a post about psychotic dress patterns designed to make you take up the smoke. This is a post about real estate. Seat real estate.

Angela W. writes: Standing room only Lake Shore West 17:13 train.

This cretin gets on early and immediately cramps the courtesy seats. Both of them.

Not content to merely bag ride the 2nd seat, she's positioned herself for maximum sprawl. Numerous folks gave her the hairy eyeball but nobody had the brass pair to ask her to move herself and her belongings onto 1 seat.

I think it's because many were afraid her skirt would swallow them. And those waves are mesmerizing! About as mesmerizing as those animated gifs of girls dancing, like this one:
Oh yeah, you work it honey.


Anonymous said...

i want to smoke her skirt. then i would smoke her bag so she wouldn't have one. bag riding problem solved.

RonNasty said...

Have you ever sat in the courtesy seat with an extra wide passenger? Keep your bag on the seat lady, standing is much more comfortable than being wedged in there with you.

Camilla said...

Ron is on the money, that sliver of seat holds no interest to me! Thanks but I'll stand!

karen said...

One day an extra large woman sat in the outside seat of a quad in the upper level, you know the ones with the outer wall? A young woman went to sit in the inner seat, and got stuck. She couldn't fit in, but she couldn't get out either. Two of us had to pull her out of the wedge, while the extra large woman sat there and read a magazine.

C.J. Smith said...



I can laugh because I have girth. I am very conscious about keeping it to myself.

Sadly, others truly don't realize the width of their span.