Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to piss off a Bag Rider 101

from: April C
date: Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 10:26 AM
subject: How to piss off a bag rider - 101
One day about two weeks ago, I was taking the 5:20 LSE home.  The train is not crowded and there are empty seats when I boarded, however most quads had at least one person in them.  
You know those seats in the mid-section of the car that have all the leg room?  The ones where there are two seats, where some of the older cars have a third seat going sideways?  Well this car had no sideways seat and tons of leg room.  I have long legs so I like to sit there.  There was a lady sitting in the window seat and her bag was on the aisle seat.  I said "Excuse me please" and she shot me a look, glanced around the car and then picked up her bag.  I sat down.  About a minute later she was looking behind her, stood up and moved to another seat so she would have a seat for her bag.  
It was a Hudson's Bay Company bag.  It wasn't some super expensive purse that she needed to protect from the floor.  It was a paper shopping bag.  It needed its own seat.
I have decided that this is a fantastic way to deal with bag riders.  From now on, I will board empty trains, find the person with their bags on the seat and THAT is where I will choose to sit.  It doesn't matter if they are the only other person on the train.  It will be great fun.


Matt said...

I would posit that once the bag rider moves in order to restore their bag’s falsely-entitled place on a seat, that the person making them move should get up and follow them, again asking for the seat with the bag on it. Now THAT would be some funny shit to see.

deepfish said...

I say lets hire some out of work improv players and stalk one of these people and film it... LOL

mumzthewurd said...

In this case it may not be that she felt entitled to a seat for her bag. I find it quite creepy when someone sits next to me on an empty train or bus. You should have just said it was a leg room issue and she probably wouldn't have minded. The commutes are usually so crowded; whenever possible we all like to spread out and enjoy some space.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry but I think maybe she was irritated not by the fact that her bag no longer had a seat but if a train is empty, why do people feel the need to sit right next to someone? I would have gotten up as well. Same goes for movie theatres, bathroom stalls, etc.

April said...

The train wasn't empty. There were empty seats, but every quad had someone in it. I don't like to sit beside people either, but it is the GO train, at 5:20 on a weekday afternoon. You have to expect to sit near someone. By the time the train left the station there was someone sitting in her vacated seat and there were two other people in the quad where she took her new seat - but her bag still had its very own seat.

mumzthewurd said...

You win April. She was just another entitled bag rider. carry on.