Friday, September 14, 2012

What's the point of having by-laws and rules if GO doesn't enforce them?

I counted three people who carried bikes onto the 7:15 OSH-UNST LSE train this morning.
One guy rolled his bike past the CSA who didn't say anything.
I'm not singling out the CSA but an announcement should have been made.
Due to the passenger volume during morning and evening rush hour, GO Transit doesn't allow bikes on-board express trains as they take up too much room.
I don't care if the cyclist is being environmentally friendly or if this is his means of transportation once he gets to Toronto to complete the remainder of his commute. It doesn't matter why any of these people need their bikes. I'd like to bring my bike on the train and then cycle my way to work, too! But I don't. BECAUSE IT'S NOT ALLOWED!
Can you imagine if GO Transit allowed passengers on morning express trains this option? How much room do you think people would have to negotiate their way onto trains?
Give me a break. Honestly.

And once again, let's address the smokers, shall we?
Oshawa has acres of parking lot. GO SMOKE THERE YOU JACKASSES.
People who disobey the signage are selfish donkeys.
It's also a slap in the face to the smokers who DO smoke where they're allowed to.


So here's what Imma do. Imma take my bike (you know, the Iron Horse) and a cigarette and I'm going to light up a smoke, put my bike on the train and ride to Union.
Then, using all of the evidence I've collected on this site, I will represent myself in court where all charges will be dismissed and I'll walk out of that courthouse into a sea of people waving their Presto cards in the air and chanting my name.


Anonymous said...

One link:

Squiggles said...

There was an asshole with a bike on the 5.10 LSE Wed. Took up the whole 3 seats (with crap on them and sitting in the spot closest to stairs. Which could have allowed a stranger to sit there turned to the side. This was in one the cars the Ajax people need to ride, so they are fuller than normal cars (or at least seem that way).

Then proceeded to have a very LOUD conversation for most of the ride, with head down to not make eye contact. All about admonishing someone for how they spoke, but hey, why not bring your bike downtown in the next few days to bike around the Island?

I came *thisclose* to saying something, but as no one would back me up and as I do not do confrontation well, there was no point.

I think, instead of adding wifi or a food/drink cart, there needs to be something in everycar that connects you directly to the CSA. That way, they can make the annoucement and/or call Transit security to remove these people from the train/platform.

But how do these people feel so entitled? How can they live with themselves knowing that their actions affect not only them but many others?

C.J. Smith said...

I'm all for cycling to work!!! But until GO Transit adds another coach to the trains specifically for bicycle storage, they need to stay off the passenger coaches during rush hour.

ExGOnowTTC said...

As you said, they will continue to do it because there are no consequences. People bring bikes onto the subway during rush hour and nothing is said/done. Self-entitled f*ckwits.

Anonymous said...

When GO employees operated the trains I saw more than one person kicked off during rush hour with their bike. Since Bombardier took over no one gives a damn. Never sen anyone so much as even told not to do it in future. It's "do what ever you want" as long as you tap your Presto card.

deepfish said...

To your point on smokers - got new photos of the crop of limpdickmaker suckers at Oakville Station. This year its not quite the bumper crop as it was last year, but smokers are still using the no smoking signs as clubhouse markers...

Anonymous said...

This morning as I walked onto the Oshawa platform for the 5:47am train to Union I walked behind a Bombardier employee that was puffing away and continued to do so his entire journey down teh platform, are tehy exempt from the by-laws?

matt said...

I hate bikes on trains too. They should be kicked off if they bring a bike during rush hour. Period. If their excuse is “Oh, I need it to ride around downtown”? Get a fucking Bixi. That’s what they’re for. Unless you’re paying for 3 seats, your reasoning is moot. And even then, the bike is more of a safety hazard on a crowded train than anything else. I’m with Jeremy Piven when he says GTFO.

As for smokers, they aren’t any better at Guildwood. I find it annoying when people stand RIGHT by the Presto machines, and/or by the stairs up to the platform puffing away....AND I’M A SMOKER!!! I mean, have some fucking courtesy. There’s over 1300 parking spots at Guildwood, most are empty. Go find one and smoke in there like me. I happen to be in my car at the time, but I’m out in the parking lot nevertheless.

Last night was waiting on Teamway for the 17:35 LSE, and some 20-something girl walked up, stood RIGHT next to me under the departure board, and finished the last half of her cigarette. I looked at her, then looked at the “No Smoking” sign directly above her head (which she walked directly towards before turning around to smoke), scoffed at her, and before I got more irritated, she put it out and ran up to her (presumably) 17:20 train on Track 12/13. Amazing how many people lack manners/common sense/common courtesy/respect.

//rant over

Anonymous said...

Respect for rules and other people has gone down the toilet in society. I always like to say we live in a "Rights without Responsibility" culture where people are always claiming it's their god-given right to do something come hell or high water, but if they fail to act responsibly and/or bother other people by doing it it's not their problem.

The fact that GO doesn't have the grapes to enforce it only reinforces how they can get away with it on a constant basis. You heard me GO: you don't have the grapes.

Anonymous said...

Did the cyclist in question actually made the entire trip from Oshawa to Union station or did he get off a couple of stops?

Anonymous said...

Couple things:
1. Just because other people get away with smoking/bikes, CJ, doesn't mean charges against you would/should be thrown out. The logic of 'well everyone else gets away with it' doesn't really work... Otherwise no speeding ticket would ever get paid lol.

2. As for GO not 'having the grapes' to deal with these people, do you regularly see the GOPO wal by these issues and not deal with them? Or do you just not see them around as much as you'd like?

calvinhc said...

Here's a thought on sending a message to the cyclists without saying anything...

Carry a chocolate bar with you when travelling on GO. When you see someone with a bike on a train they shouldn't be, stand next to the bike and eat your snack. Make sure it's a little warm so that you somehow manage to get chocolate fingers. With nothing on you to wipe off your fingers, there's always the bike seat to fill in! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The GO CSA's aren't big enforcers. Maybe they should put the bicycles on the front of the GO Train like they do this the GO Buses. I don't think the bicycles are as problematic as people with tonnes of bags & suitcases. At least the bicycles try to stay near the doors and off to the side to be less intrusive. People with suitcases and wheelie briefcases just put them anywhere and feel entitled to do so.

C.J. Smith said...

I did not observe any cyclist getting off before Pickering. The train was express to Union.

Anonymous said...

I wish go didn't hide this

Bikes are permitted on Rush hour trains (Not those that Arrive or leave Union ) only those departing from Danforth -> Oshawa or
Exhibition -> Aldershot I.e non peak direction. reverse in Pm

C.J. Smith said...

All of the express trains that run out of Oshawa are scheduled to arrive at Union. Oshawa is the end of the line. They go back to Toronto so NO BIKES DURING RUSH HOUR!!!

Unless it's a folding bike, then you can hop on.

Anonymous said...

When I got on the 707 @ Bronte one morning last week there was an abehole with a bike in full scale block mode already entrenched.