Thursday, December 4, 2014

PRESTO card readers and the AODA

If you're blind, and you own a PRESTO card, how do you know the balance of your card? How do you override if you're using the card for a destination station other than your default station?

This was the dilemma of a woman who was at the Oshawa station this morning. Her husband dropped her off and upon close inspection of the PRESTO card reader, he noticed there was no way for his wife to override the card using braille as a guide since she would be traveling beyond Union Station for a job interview in Mississauga.


Where's the braille or audible voice response?

I did some research online and it appears that Metrolinx was told back in 2009 their beloved PRESTO product was going to be a problem with people who are disabled.

We're on the cusp on 2015 and I haven't seen a reader that has braille or voice response. So where does this stand I wonder?

I'm curious why, five years later, Metrolinx hasn't seem to address this.

If you've got info, please share it.

I took a look at Metrolinx's five year strategic plan, page 7 is dedicated to PRESTO and no where does it address accessibility.

PRESTO was designed and sold as a way to make commuting "easier".

I'm pretty sure the woman I met this morning would disagree.


Anonymous said...

Yet if you go through a drive-through ATM, there is often braille on the keys.

C.J. Smith said...

Yes. Because all ATMs are made in one factory where it's cheaper to put it on all then separate them based on installation - thanks for the input.

Bicky said...

Something for a CSAC rep to bring up at the next meeting, methinks.

Anonymous said...

The same reason the TTC Presto turnstiles aren't equipped for mobility challenged transit users. Anyone in a wheelchair or on crutches can't get through the turnstiles.

Alex said...

The fixed readers in Ottawa (The newer version of the type of reader one in your picture) have headphone jacks on them, like the jack on the new Streetcar ticket machines from the same company:

The new streetcar machines also have braille lettering, and aside from lacking a credit card reader and being a different colour, they are the same as the future PRESTO reload machines.

C.J. Smith said...

Why not roll them ALL out CORRECTLY at the beginning? The waste. The waste from this government is mind boggling.

Bicky said...

You ain't seen nuthin' yet! Wait til next year's provincial budget. Taxes are going up! Mark my words.

Kim McPherson said...

Shame on GO and Metrolinx!! This woman should file a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. I guarantee her file will be assigned to the Human Rights Tribunal.