Tuesday, December 23, 2014

When fans become friends

Last night I went out with two Crazy Train readers, two very loyal Crazy Train readers, where one is actually now a good friend who sends me cards and nice emails and likes all my Facebook posts and drives me home when I'm drunk. See? A true friend.

We went to Jack Astor's even though I wanted to fancy it up at the Royal York hotel but the bitch was closed and the other restaurant was like, come at 7, and I was like, ugh. No.

So Jack Astor's it was and the scantily clad waitress who thought I mowed rugs and put extra alcohol in all my Caesars - good times.

A drunken GO train ride home meant I was dialing up all the crazy I could muster while listening to, let's call him Carlos, talk on his phone about Chamon (seriously, Chamon as in Michael Jackson "chamon" or Weird Al Yankovic's "Chamon - ham on whole wheat - all right") who took his money but then didn't do what she said she would do so now Carlos has to three-way his cousin (I know - very non-PG) and he was not okay with any of it. NOT. OKAY.

Carlos really needs to get his finances in order because apparently banks keep turning him down. I guess that's what happens when you lend money to girls named "Chamon".


FRED said...

Um... is there a reason why you don't drink with all your fans?

C.J. Smith said...

What are you yammering on about? Something something Houston something something daiquiri something something last summer.

Dakota said...

It was fun.

Bicky said...

It's nice when cyber friends become "real life" friends. :)

C.J. Smith said...

It sure is!

Kelly said...

Sad to have missed out on this par-tay! (i'm back!)(NOT on the train... back to the blog)