Thursday, May 14, 2015

Exhibition GO station - what's this about you had one job, Presto?

to:CJ Smith
date:Mon, May 11, 2015 at 9:13 PM
subject:This and that...

Took the GO to the Toronto FC game yesterday. I really do NOT have journalistic instincts. We went through Eglinton station and did I think to get photos of the one track all torn out so they could dig their holes for the new tunnels? Nope! *hanging head in shame* I did think about it coming home but it was getting too dark to take a decent photo.
Aaaaannnd, I have to say, there's a shit show of construction happening at Exhibition station. Thousands of people lined up to get through the doors to the westbound platform. So I was lined up to use the ONE Presto machine I could find (right near the blocked off area for getting to the eastbound platform and west of the doors to the WB platform) but there was too many people, so I figured I'd just use the one on the other side of the tunnel. Well, after fighting my way through the crowd (feeling like a salmon swimming upstream) I get to the other side where I can access the EB platform, only to find out there's NO PRESTO MACHINE!! There was only the one on the other side of the doors. What the what??? Decided to say screw it and just ride to Union. (Yeah, I say that's payback for paying full fair Friday night and getting kicked off the train at Scarborough. No credit forthcoming.) I had to wait for the next (EB train anyway so I went downstairs at Union (through the new York concourse), got food and tapped my card there (over at the Bay side). How can there only be ONE Presto machine at the EB side of Exhibition???

I'll be writing a letter to customer service.


Bicky said...

Wow, that email should have had some serious proofreading done before being sent. Ha ha ha!

C.J. Smith said...

When things are written on a phone - we should all be forgiving... I am sure Ms is actually a stickler for this.

Anonymous said...

Um..writer must be blind. I was at EX last night. Yes, chaotic, but there were about four machines on south side, two on north. Not enough, I agree however there was not "just one"...

MS said...

Nope, I'm not blind, Anon. But I am a short-shit and when I'm caught in the throngs of thousands of giants, I cannot easily find the machines. Needed to vent it out.