Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Spring GO Transit newsletter is out! Let's review, shall we?

Unlike Fall's newsletter, the Spring issued is filled with comedy gold.
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ted said...

You mean it's pronounced GOO-hood (h is silent btw)? Sweet Jesus, I've been saying GO-odd my whole life!!!

Anonymous said...

Tyler will pay a TTC fare at Dupont station. There's no Presto machine there. See this link for a list of TTC stations with Presto machines (there aren't many):

And what am I missing? Assassin is spelled correctly. Were you referring to something else?

C.J. Smith said...

Tyler should be able to use his Presto card. Worst roll out ever.
I never said anything was misspelled.
What is GOod? GO is "go" as in GO Transit or have we all been mispronouncing it wrong and it's "Goo" Transit?

The attempt to be clever as a play on words didn't work.