Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Late summer fight on Mississauga Miway bus uploaded to LiveLeak last week results in arrests and leaves questions about driver's inaction

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You may be inundated with this when you get back, but in case nobody else bottom-feeds at LiveLeak…

I tweeted this to Peel Police who responded back this incident had been investigated. All the parties had been interviewed and arrests had been made.

According to Roy Kenealy, Superintendent of Operations at MiWay, this fight happened on September 30 near Meadowvale Town Centre and the video was uploaded early in the afternoon on December 4.

City News reported Kenealy as saying the protocol for this type of situation is to immediately pull the bus over and contact enforcement officials.

Kenealy told CityNews they are reviewing the driver’s actions that day. As to whether the driver should have stopped sooner, Kenealy said, “That’s something we’re going to have to look into. He stopped when he got to (Meadowvale Town Centre)."


deepfish said...

"Its none of your business - are you the transit owner" "Do you know me? Its none of your business." "Are you my mom? Its none of your business".

The deal here is that the public space has been taken over by people who jealously guard it - the public space is now there's to misbehave in at will, and it is "none of our business" if we object.

These girls are infuriated that someone challenges them unexpectedly on what they have claimed as their turf.

They are no different than the buttsuckers, foot riders and door donkeys.

In the new order, the only thing behaviour that is unacceptable is calling out the rude behaviour of others...

C.J. Smith said...

Last night I asked someone on the train to not vape next to me.
I was told I was free to move.

Bicky said...

Vaping is not allowed on the GO Trains. I wonder if it's the same woman who was sitting across from me and vaping a few weeks back.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

"Too many 'kings' and 'queens' and not enough 'peasants'."
You're one of the peasants, so Go Fuck Yourself and Eat Shit!!!

"Respect 'civilian monarchs'" already!