Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Photo on Twitter shows train coach GO Transit immediately took out of service after racist graffiti reported last month


Yolanda B Cool said...

It was scrawled on the inside panel of the accessible washroom. Thanks for posting.

C.J. Smith said...

It still sickens me.

Unknown said...

Metrolinx is very good about cleaning up Graffiti quickly. Graffiti seems to breed more so it must be removed swiftly. A few years ago on the May 24 weekend just after the new Brampton Station was finished some wanna be members of the KKK from a neighbouring town decided to deface the new underpass with racist slogans featuring the "N" word. It was cleaned up on the holiday Monday before many people had a chance to see it.

Fortunately the cameras were activated a day before the incident and the culprits were apprehended that week.

Anyone who has to resort to insulting their fellow human beings is a total moron.

C.J. Smith said...

Here here!
But I'm still not giving foot riders a pass.

Unknown said...

"Here here!
"But I'm still not giving foot riders a pass."

You are not insulting them. They are quite capable of doing that them selves. I remember an Oscar show many many years ago when some idiot streaked across the stage as David Niven was reading out the nominees. I believe his comment was; "Some fool is demonstrating his short comings!" Those people are demonstrating theirs.