Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Metrolinx Monitoring for Severe Heat Impact on Rails

TORONTO: July 4, 2016 – Environment Canada and the City of Toronto have issued a heat warning for the GTHA. As a result, Metrolinx is monitoring for potential impacts on GO Transit and UP Express rail service, as the intense heat can cause safety issues that could require temporary slow orders for trains. Our crews continue to monitor and we will keep you informed of any service impacts.

Temperatures for today and Wednesday are expected to be near or hotter than 31°C. Environment Canada issues a heat warning when the humidex value is expected to reach 40°C or more or when the temperature is expected to reach levels ranging from 29°C to 40°C or greater.

Sustained high temperatures beyond 30°C can cause ‘sun kinks’ in steel rails. These bends in the rail can cause a safety issue if trains pass over them too quickly. More information is available on our website, including a video to explain sun kinks. Customers should sign up for On The GO alerts or follow @GOTransit,@UPexpress and @Metrolinx for more information. 


Bicky said...

Oh dear. I read "severe heat" as "severed head" in the headline.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean gotrains will finally have air conditioning turned on?

Unknown said...

No Anon, they will not.

Last night, then again this morning, the coaches I was in were quite warm. This morning not so bad, last night, especially sitting for 10 mins outside of Union, was uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why they aren't turning on the AC these days? Hasn't been an issue in the past.

G said...

The A/C status seems to vary from coach to coach. If the one you're in is too hot, try moving to a neighbouring one.