Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Who the hell are you animals?

I'm addressing the fine folk of the Lakeshore East who bullied their way onto the 4:30 pm train last night.

There was no need to shove me onto the train and then push me towards the stairs. Two women in fact. No punches were thrown but I sure wanted to. That's how angry I was.

The train arrived at 4:21 - plenty of time to board. The platform was not packed. The train left with seats still available. This pic was taken as we pulled out of Union.

This was the first time that I ever experienced being pushed onto a train and then shoved towards the stairwell. I was shocked and pissed off by it. I let my annoyance be known by exclaiming how immature everyone was behaving.

It's not an apocalypse. Get over yourselves.


Bicky said...

Two observations on this:
1. Some asshat felt it necessary to soil the seat in the picture with his/her dirty shoes. How else to explain the stain on the back portion? Really? Ugh.
2. People who have TTC shoving mentality are moving east in an effort to afford a home.

Two comments:
1. Keep your feet off the seats!
2. Change the mentality and be respectful and dignified. Everyone will get on. And if you find the section of the train full, move down a coach or two, there's likely room.

The day someone pushes me UP the stairs will be the day they experience an elbow to the chest. FFS!

Taylor said...

I've been taking the "old" 4:30 for years. I'll bet what is happening is a competition between the "4:30" door donkeys and the "4:25" door donkeys, now that the 4:25 is no more. The old 4:30 was laid-back, all stops, lots of empty seats but the 4:25 was full and loud. If you can, try for the 4:10; it has been lovely so far. I've only taken the new 4:30 once; it is awful.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this on the subway quite often. People shoving, people yelling, people running down the stairs/on the platforms. The running is especially humorous because the subways literally run every 2-3 minutes in rush hour. I usually just smirk and shake my head at the childish behaviors, but every now and again I feel compelled to tell someone "this isn't the last chopper out of Saigon. Relax!"

C.J. Smith said...

Thanks for reminding me Taylor who could be the culprit for this horrible behaviour.

Ally said...

Be careful CJ! Especially with your semi-recent injury to your leg/knee.

Sadly, LSE is known for having idiots on their trains :(

Anonymous said...

I got pushed up the stairs by a lady, I'll call her that even though she didn't act like it. I wasn't moving slowly either.

Anonymous said...

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