Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Some feel good for today

Soooo we found this iPhone last night on the GO train. Since it was locked and some of us had a few beers at that point, there were bunch of drunken selfies magically taken on it. Once I got a hold of the phone, I saw there was a missed call, so I was able to return the call from the locked screen. I spoke with the owner of the phone, who told me he will pick it up from me in Mississauga the next day as he lived in Pickering. So today I met the man behind the iPhone and the voice. He was so grateful and friendly. He tried to give me cash as a reward, but I refused. I can't accept a reward for doing something I should do. And from the short time I've met this person, I can say 100% for sure he'd do the same for me. Also I had my nieces with me, so it was good they see doing the right thing is all that matter. He told me he was a season ticket holder for the Toronto FC and if he ever needed an extra person to join him in a game, he'll text me. That was cool of him to offer. I did warn and apologize for any weird selfies he might find on his phone. LOL Before he drove off back to Pickering, he told my nieces, "Your Uncle is a good man!" That statement alone was a pretty awesome reward in my books! @gotransitofficial #gotransit #lostandfound #doingtherightthing #norewardneeded #sharingmystory #iphone

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When your passengers appreciate you as much as you appreciate them... 😃 #gotrain

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