Tuesday, February 14, 2017

And the hits just keep coming for Burlington GO

Have you had problems parking at the Burlington GO station lately?
You're not alone.
Metrolinx says parking spaces are a premium at the station lately because of a boost in ridership. Still, for several days this winter, the top floor of the station's parking garage has remained empty — because the ramp leading up to it can't withstand poor winter weather conditions.


Anonymous said...

The sign blocking the ramp says that the top level is closed for the season - so I think it's closed entirely, not only on certain days but I could be wrong as I stopped checking in the garage for spots.

Unknown said...

Another colossal fail of MetroLinx. But hey, those executives certainly deserve a massive pay raise for fucking up another construction project.

Unknown said...

Question: are all GO parking garages open on top? Or is it just Burlington? And if it is just Burlington, why the hell didn't they enclose it?

Seriously? It is Canada. There is something called "Winter". Happens every year. Some years are worse than others. Why would they forget about this?

Bicky said...

The parking garage in Whitby was supposed to be open on the top level but they decided to enclose it. Not sure why the same decision wasn't made for Burlington.

Anonymous said...

These people are incompetent!!!
Lets give them a raise.

Anonymous said...

Thats our lib government for you.

Unknown said...

I think there's a very pragmatic reason for leaving the top level uncovered: the incremental benefit of building another parking level instead of a simple enclosure is probably super high.

In other words, instead of building a roof (which provides no additional parking), why not turn it into a parking surface? Even if you don't commit to clearing it of snow in the winter, you gain the additional parking in the summer. Why spend the money on just a roof?

There are plenty of examples of parking garages like this, like the ones at Toronto Pearson; Terminals 1 & 3 and Viscount are all uncovered.

Anonymous said...

@Tyson Moore

Don't start sounding reasonable. People commenting here just want to be negative!