Monday, February 6, 2017

In case you missed it: Liberal MP feels we all have a case of the dumb

According to the Financial Post, when asked how the average GO commuter might view proposals to hand generous pay hikes to executives at some of Ontario’s bigger corporations – including an extra $8 million for the already lavishly-compensated bosses at Ontario Power Generation – Liz Sandals, Treasury Board president in Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario government, offered a brusque put-down.

“Most of the people sitting on the GO train probably don’t have high-level nuclear qualifications or the business qualifications to run a multi-billion-dollar corporation,” she remarked.

Yep. She said that.

The Financial Post has more on this. She apologized but her apology is not accepted. Sandals isn't on Twitter. I was firing with all fingers Friday night. What a stupid thing to say.

We're coming for you, Liz. And it won't be pretty.

Good luck in the next election.


Unknown said...

Yeah, the comment wasn't the best thing for a politician to say, but if you take it at face value, it's the truth!

Most GO train riders (myself included) probably don’t have high-level nuclear qualifications or the business qualifications to run a multi-billion-dollar corporation.

As a society, we're way too sensitive.

C.J. Smith said...

I'll challenge you on the business qualifications. In my company alone, of the 20 colleagues out of 44 in our Toronto office who travel on the GO Train, 13 of them are more than capable of running GO Transit.

Anonymous said...

Talk about unconscious bias!! I've known executives that travel on the GO; she is clearly out of touch. It doesn't take a geniuses to run businesses that don't have competition!

Unknown said...

These Executives are only going to spend the extra money on beer and pizza ;)

Ed said...

What a foolish thing to say. But since a politician said it and they have no shame, it now shows her disdain for the riders that keep the system going.

It's funny too that the same could be said for the current Ontario government people. They've proved that.

Liz, what are your qualifications that got you your position or did you benefit from the pork barrel? Oh wait, you don't have the qualifications? Figures.

Nora1968 said...

Let's not forget the many, many times that passengers being held captive on a stranded GO train (for whatever reason) have come up with a viable plan to get things moving again, only to have the decision-bots at GO do something completely useless instead....and then finally implement the plan that the now incredibly weary passengers had thought up HOURS ago...

Unknown said...

I have been told on numerous occasions when asking questions about the level of salaries to executives and other higher ups in public service that "They could get a lot more in private industry!" To which I said Bull Sh*t! these people would have a hard time keeping a job in private industry but since they have given themselves and others like them positions of power in government service they get to make outlandish statements like that and also set the compensation packages.

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