Wednesday, February 15, 2017

If you thought the TTC was expensive now, brace yourselves!

- Signed everyone on the GO Train
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Unknown said...

I think it is about time. Why does it cost the same to go from Scarborough to the airport as it does to go from Lawrence to Eglinton?

Besides that, bringing in the co-fare is a good idea. That could have people taking both GO and TTC. Which will ultimately help relieve crowding on the TTC.

It is why I take the bus most of the time. It is cheaper and slightly more convenient than driving. As long as the train isn't delayed. I don't mind paying $0.75 for a one way trip that is 3 stops when it means I don't have to scrap down and warm up a car. But if it was full price at $3 (it might be a smidge more), I wouldn't do it.

Unknown said...

Agreed. People will whine and complain but this is the way most of the rest of the world does it and it's fair.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

That's what BART (in the San Francisco Bay Area) does already.

Unknown said...

Let's take a look at some of the arguments and "facts" put forward for "fare by distance." For full disclosure I live in Brampton and would benefit if this system came into place for my trips into Toronto.

1. The TTC and Toronto has never had fare by distances but it did have zone fares once. The people in the outer 416 objected to having to pay two fares to go downtown while people in the old city only paid one fare so it was scrapped. There would be a lot of bitching if they were forced to pay more, especially if it were to allow someone from the 905 to pay less.

2. The TTC receives almost no subsidy from the province or the federal government so the city should be able to determine the fare system that it wants. If Metrolinx and the province thinks that this cost the 905 riders too much then let them pay for the extra cost. The system they are looking at would make TTC riders cover a lot of the subsidy to the 905 riders. Is this fair?

3. There is no room on GO in the 416 to take any loading off the TTC. How would you like it if 400 people got on your GO train every afternoon to only go to Guildwood or Long Branch because the fare was the same on GO as the TTC?

4. While BART has fare by distance it was originally built more as a commuter rail system than a TTC like heavy rapid transit line. London Underground got rid of its fare by distance as it was too cumbersome. They have implemented a zone system with a very large inner zone system.

5. The city of Toronto subsidizes every 905 person who rides the TTC now to the amount of around a $1.00 per day. Is it fair to ask the 416 to provide an even higher subsidy so the 905 can get a cheaper fare?

A lot of people bought in the 905 area because housing costs are cheaper. Unfortunately they have to pay more in commuting costs and travel times. Most people do not consider this until they start commuting. Even if the 416ers are latte sipping, wine drinking, bicycle riding, long haired, pinko wierdos why should they pay for your commute?

Unknown said...

I'm not sure I see a lot of difference between zone systems and fare by distance. Whatever is easier to administrate works for me.

Now that Presto is fully rolled out I don't see what the fuss is. Tap your card and pay a fare relative to the distance you travel - simple. For folks on a budget, kids, students and seniors, make discounted Presto cards available.


I hope this doesn't get 'over-engineered' the same way the UP fares did... Transit should be simple and fair. Sometimes it doesn't pay to think too much.

Unknown said...

The problem with your fare by distance is that most of the residents of the 416 don't want it and they make up over 80% of the transit riders in the GTHA. Why should they all pay more so that you can pay less? About 50% use a pass and this lets them do the short rides for less cost than a fare by distance system would if they had to pay for every ride.

If the province wants to reduce the cost to those who ride across the 905-416 boundary then let them pay for the difference, not the residents of Toronto.

905 drivers don't want to pay tolls to maintain and repair the DVP and Gardiner and now the transit riders want the 416 rides to pay more of the 905's transit cost. And they call Toronto Hog Town.

Unknown said...

Why did this turn into a 905 versus 415 fight? Don't let the media bait you into a false argument. This is about fairness. I live in the 416 and fully support a logical and fair payment scheme.

Anonymous said...

"Why should they all pay more so that you can pay less?"

Do you really think anyone will end up paying less? That's a joke. We'll all pay more one way or another.