Monday, June 26, 2017

Is that an ashtray built into the end of the armrest?



Photo courtesy of Metrolinx


Ed said...

I remember these well but I never was a smoker. I was forced to sit and inhale second hand smoke though and hated it.

Smokers are stupid.

deepfish said...

Not much of a change actually. Now we get to stand around the presto machines and entrances and breath in second hand smoke.

Marymary said...

I was a smoker - in the seventies to the eighties and then for a while in this millennium but I remember the seventies the most! There were ashtrays EVERYWHERE! Which in turn meant there weren't butts all over the bloody place! I hate that. I had a giant orange ceramic ashtray on my desk at the WCB! Today known as WSIB. And I do remember smoking on a subway but that was in London England. And BIG ashtrays in malls - outside every store!
But not everybody smoked outside - certainly not women! It was unladylike! You had to wait until you were in a restaurant or in someones home, never out on the street! Like a common street walker - of course I'm quoting my mother. Smoking IS dumb though - an addiction yes but relatively easy to stop.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Smoking used to be just normal everyday activity, although not one practiced by everyone, but, still, common enough.
Now it's demonized to the hilt.

Yet another example of the fickleness and inconsistencies of man-made secular societies.
...can never make up their mind what's right or what's wrong, what's appropriate and what's "offensive", of what's healthy and what's hazardous ....

Deepfish said...

It was always hazardous. We are just woke now.

Sebastian said...

I may have very well ridden in this coach, but much later. In the 2000's, when the AMT was using former GO single-levels, or "1000s/1200s" or "GO-GOs" as they were nicknamed. Needless to say, there were no ashtrays there. Also fitted out with signs in French, and new seat coverings that had "peacock eye" like patterns.