Monday, June 26, 2017

You can already buy coffee at Oshawa GO and I like the coffee at Oshawa GO ... because southern butter pecan!

date:Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 3:05 PM
subject:Tim's and GO

From GO's quarterly report to the Metrolinx board 
"This spring, we announced a pilot project to bring  Tim Hortons to a select number of GO stations. The new partnership between The Kilmer Group and Metrolinx will provide GO Transit customers with quick, convenient food and drink options from Tim Hortons at four GO stations: Oakville, Clarkson, Ajax and Oshawa"

Last time I checked, both Ajax and Oshawa already had places where you could buy coffee... 


CJ Smith said...

They're demolishing Oshawa GO station which means they're demolishing the newsstands.

Jules said...

I love the Butter Pecan at Whitby Station! I would much rather have that than Tim Hortons

C.J. Smith said...

Why weren't we consulted? The passengers? We don't need Tim Horton's at the train station. We need the people who are already there.

Nahid said...

Tim Hortons is awful. If a family run business was replaced with a Tim Hortons at my station, I'd start getting coffee elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

The rent at the new oshawa station probably went up to supplement the cost of construction and the little guys probably can't pay. Tims's sad but nothing we can do about it really.

Nora1968 said...

My friend and I chatted with the gentleman who owns the Oshawa kiosk the other day. Apparently the plan is to implement the Tim Horton's at Oshawa for 8 months...and then, if it's "not working out", Metrolinx (or whoever makes these decisions" *could* ask this fellow back again.

Not sure what it would take for a Tim Horton's store/kiosk to "not work out", but what, pray tell, is this small business owner supposed to be doing in the intervening 8 months that could allow him to jump when and if the powers that be decided his services were required after all?

I don't buy my tea at the kiosk generally, since I bring my own virtually every morning, but I'd still rather see a local small business supported rather than a conglomerate that exists everywhere else (and is guaranteed to fill up the fancy new Oshawa building with lineups a mile long ALL.THE.TIME.)

Unknown said...

The Tim Hortons is closed but I have no idea why. Everything they sell is mediocre, IG they manage to get the order right. Ask for milk, get creme. Ask for cheddar, get cream cheese. Ask for no butter, get butter. Utter stupidity.