Monday, June 26, 2017

You ready to pay an extra 56 cents to ride the LSE? Board votes on 3% fare hike this Wednesday

Because *whah* fares didn't go up in February.
And you know why, because I would have torn Union Station down to the ground, thus, saving millions of dollars having Carillion do it.

But alas, it was short lived.

For me, as someone who travels Union to Oshawa and back, it's an extra 56 cents a day. This means I'm going to be chopping legs off at the knees. You know why.


Read the Board agenda


Unknown said...

I thought they were on record of NOT having a fare hike this year, especially after the shit show that was last summer.

I am past irked.

C.J. Smith said...

They speak in fiscal years. So, not in THAT fiscal year. They didn't do it.
This fiscal year is a whole other kettle of fish.

Unknown said...

Gotcha. But still irked. And LSE gets shafted again.

Unknown said...

Is the service going improve? Trains are already over capacity during rush hour. Tired of fares going up and device not improving. Will the fare police the Whitby station at night when people park anywhere they please to pick people up and then tearing out of the station with no regard to people in the lot. NOPE! Let's see what the salary increase for the executive.

LC said...

Double whammy! Fare hike AND elimination of the public transit tax (yes, I understand that is Federal but it still hurts twice!)!

Unknown said...

I'd happily pay the increase if some enforcement actually occurred. The only thing I've ever seen enforced has been fares. But other things go unchecked like bags on seats or smoking.

Anonymous said...

Metrolinx: We've just sole sourced LRT trains from Alstom for $528M at the drop of a hat(and that money magically came from where?)...But we REALLY need that $8.5M in additional revenue.

Rob said...

Ouch. Between the 15% tax credit being taken way by the federal government and the 3% fare increase, it works out to an 18% cost increase between July and September, and they haven't ruled out another increase in February.

Back when they said "no fare increase this year" they left the implication that this meant no fare increase for the next 12 months lay in place without specifying that it was for the fiscal year. Fares will have only been frozen for 7 months, not 12.

The fact that one of the reasons for this increase is to pay for those new train cars with those awful seats really ticks me off.

Anonymous said...

Fact: Metrolinx still chooses to turn a blind eye to thousands of travellers that do not pay a fare or a correct fare to ride the system.
Ask any driver meeting a Train, (Pickering, Oshawa, Aldershot, Burlington, Milton etc...) they will tell you that many get off the train and buy a ticket for the bus and when dropping off for the Train, many that only bought a ticket to the station jump on the train.
Many also say they lost the ticket and GO tells the driver to accommodate.
These are not isolated incidents, it's every trip, daily!
This fare increase once again penalizes the customer that's honest.
Those that choose to not pay will continue not to pay.
All GO train stations should have a system where you can't access a platform unless you have a valid PRESTO or Ticket.
Until they do that, thousands daily won't pay!! This is 2017 not 1967!

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Don't the scofflaws also have to pay the extra fare?
Maybe that's why they think they're entitled to more leg room(????).

Jules said...

I just read that the CEO of Metrolinx just got a $112,000 raise. I'm thinking my cost to commute in total(including my car costs) is getting closer to my mortgage payment. Why are those of us that are paying the most subsidizing the rest? That doesn't seem fair to me.