Tuesday, July 4, 2017

GO took away schedules (train and bus) and replaced them with fluff (Note the word: "Information")

Here's the crap that's at Oshawa GO:

The reason being? No one reads nor wants to consult with paper schedules.

Hey, I get it's a digital age, but depending on your mobile provider, depending on whether your train was late, AND WITH NO APP, waiting for or to load could take enough time to MISS A BUS.

And what if it's pouring rain? Is everyone carrying their mobile devices in a life case? My phone happens to be water resistant, but it still sucks at swiping a wet screen. And depending on where the moon is aligned with the sun, I can drop a signal with Rogers like no one's business.

Pas cool, GO Transit.


TomW said...

Other reasons why printed information should be available:
* It doesn't cost money to look at
* It doesn't take time to appear in front of you
* You don't have to your gloves off when it's sub-zero
* It tells about ALL the trips on a bus route and ALL the destinations serve by that route
* It's available to everyone who uses the system

... none of which is true for looking at a smartphone.

Anonymous said...

Same thing in Burlington. Makes no sense. How much cost or effort could it have possibly been to maintain these things.

deepfish said...

At Oakville, one of the displays is half taken up with a job ad for Timmy's. There's a Timmy's right there. Twenty to thirty feet away. Facing the sign. Lots of sign space on the side of the doughnut shop.
Just saying.

Skin Man said...

I don't use a smart phone.

LC said...

Maybe they are waiting on our fare increase to kick in before they can afford to print more...

GO Voyageur said...

After 22 months, the GO Transit "team" still hasn't explained why Route 12 timetables where removed from Grimsby bus stop:

gmcnewlook said...

Even ttc has removed the paper schedules from stops and did exactly what go transit did and just put an advertisement for triplinx..... sadly these organizations are assuming everyone has a smartphone. So they don't have to update them..... except not everyone does or wants one.......

Unknown said...

I think this is happening because young, urban 20 somethings are the ones convincing the policy makers that the world now is ALL online. If a few of these people just got out of their King and Bay towers, maybe they would see that the real world is actually quite a different place!

Anonymous said...

You can print the schedules yourself from

Make sure you get the PDF schedules, and don't check the online ones via the date picker. This is the only way you can plan your daily commute to work now.

Even the digital signage at the stations only show the actual scheduled trips for the current day.

Any online timetable will be problematic at best:

You can thank RTSI (Real Time Scheduling Info), it's creator (an I&IT solution manager) for this inconvenience.