Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Stouffville corridor changes nothing short of a disaster say commuters who have written into the blog

I received this request (more than once now):

Would you be able to make a post about how the touted service increase are actually a service cut.

Yes. But, definitely keep pushing back on Facebook, guys.

What's happening?
- Buses run faster than trains on this corridor outside of rush hours
- Buses ran every 30 minutes, trains run once an hour
- Trains only go as far as Unionville, forcing people to make a transfer.

This is undoubtedly a service cut for residents of Markham and Stouffville. Unfortunately, this has received no media coverage. GO has been non-responsive to complaints giving only fluff pieces on how the changes are a first step to RER.

How bad is it? Ivy Kwok on Facebook writes:
Starting Jun 24, 2017, GO TRANSIT are boasting of adding more train services in the morning and evening to and from Union Station to Stouffville Line. Did they mention anything about the cutting of bus services? Not at all.
Take the evening schedule for example :
Today we have 20 buses services from Union Station northbound between 20:00 to 23:20, however, starting Jun 26, there are only 4 trains for the same period of time.
Today, 20:00 from Union will arrive at Stouffville at 20:49, starting next Monday, for the same time, there is a train 20:00 from Union, stop at Unionville, then transfer a bus to Stouffville which arrives at 21:20. It means 30 min more with the new schedule.
Moreover, there are NO SERVICES at all between 20:30 to 21:40 !!!
If I take the 21:50 bus from Union today, I arrive at Stouffville by 22:37.. next week, I take the 21:40 TRAIN and arrive at Stouffville by 23:00.

Stouffville customer asks:
Can someone explain to me where the enhancement is? They are just misleading the public by saying ADDING more train services but never mention about the cutting of bus services.
I am just furious about this reverse engineering ! We are moving backward not forward !

See here for more complaints:


Kent said...

I am not surprised. The incompetence of GO transit is astounding.

I was in Toronto yesterday and took the second to last Train out of Union to Oshawa. My journey came to an abrupt halt just outside of Whitby. We ended up waiting there for half an hour. When I inquired as to why were stopped the on board attendant told me that they we had to wait for the next train out of Oshawa because they were only using one track at the time due to construction work along the track.

Apparently GO decided to send out an additional train just 15 minutes before us. An extra train for what? "For the concert crowd" What concert crowd? This train is 90% empty. Why would they send out another train just before us, which must of been very late into Oshawa as well waiting for the regular train that was just 15 minutes before them, when it's quite clear that they all could of fit onto this train. And they would of made it there at the same time without the delay!!! But now those of us stuck here are waiting 30 minutes for no good reason.

The stupidity of the people that run this operation never ceases to amaze me. Next time I am taking VIA the whole way for my journey.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you clearly have no idea how rail movements are dispatched and routed. Unfortunate you were delayed to the shwa however, the finger need be pointed to GO. Spring thru fall are also peak maintenance and construction period - similar to road work. Take a drive on Any of the 400 series highways leaving Toronto - 407 toll inclusive and your commute will be delayed.

Kent said...

Dear Anon,
It's not rocket science. You start off with two tracks, one is out of service for whatever reason, in this case due to construction. Now your left with one track. So how long does it take for a train to go from being stopped at west of Whitby to Oshawa and then turn around and come back? More than 15 minutes I can tell you that for a fact from last night alone, much more.

So why were the morons at GO trying to shove three trains through there in a 30 minute period? And don't tell me it's because they needed it. I already told you my train was 90% empty leaving Union. I know because I walked through half the train shortly after I got on there.