Thursday, July 20, 2017

Oshawa GO throwin' some serious shade at Burlington GO

Progress on the new Oshawa GO Station (which is really a new VIA station because that's what it will be in 40 years when GO train service finally comes to Bowmanville) is coming along smoothly. I'm amazed, actually, at the pace of construction.

I mean, the Oshawa station had a roof in 8 months. Burlington waited almost 3 years (and I still am not sure if the roof is complete). The engineering marvel that is Oshawa GO is surely going to garnish some construction excellence nominations.

Yesterday I noticed that raised flower beds had been built. Isn't it nice that the architect thought about how the smokers will need a place to sit? I can't wait for the cigarette butt garden.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Projecting future vandalism in a yet unfinished station?

CJ Smith said...

No doubt in my mind, Tal!

Anonymous said...

And yet tonight, on my way home, I see that all the dirt that was in the "cigarette planters" has now been removed! What the heck?! But I am quite impressed at the speed in which things are going lately.