Monday, January 29, 2018

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Ed said...

My train was two cars short this morning and people are still putting stuff on the seats beside them.

One couple was really put out when people asked them to put their stuff on the floor so they could sit. They took up two extra seats with their backpacks and gym bags on an unusually crowded train. They did it reluctantly and gave the people the stinkeye all the way to union.

My main pet peeve happened again. Someone with a giant trailer-sized backpack walking through the train looking for seats. Every time he looked he would swing around and his backpack was like Thor's hammer that would send people ducking for cover. He took it off inside a quad and nearly pummeled the lady beside him into unconsciousness.

He has not read the etiquette book.

C.J. Smith said...

I'm with Nora. Fine them all. Who cares who gets the money?

I wanted to sit on one of the seats where it faces a wall, the ones on the mid-level, near the stairs. Sometimes there's a singular seat and sometimes, it's a coach without one. I just wanted to be able to sit with my legs straight out (knee pain this morning something fierce).

There's a vacant seat by the window with a woman seated on the outside seat. She had two reusable grocery sacks piled up against the wall and her backpack & purse on the empty seat. Understand that at 6:55 am the train at Oshawa is pretty empty once you get past the accessibility coach.

I ask if I can sit. She looks around at the almost empty train and says, "There are other seats," and I said, "That's great but I want this one." She rolled her eyes, angrily moved her purse/backpack, and I sat down. Seconds later she muttered under breath, made this big production to grab all her shit and disappears upstairs turning to glare at me.


Unknown said...

I always hit the point where I want to take their shit and throw it off the train.

We are all adults and we shouldn't have to be told to behave as adult and be considerate of each other.

However, on the flip side, it can take me a few minutes to get settled when I sit. Once I am settled, everything is stashed under the seat and on my lap. But there seems to be an increasing number of people who give the stink eye and comment about me taking up seats. If they just waited more than 5 seconds....

This is one of the many reasons I take early trains. It still happens when I am getting on at 6.17am but not as frequently.

C.J. Smith said...

This woman intended to own the quad. She was beyond settling in. Her answer to my request to sit in the window seat told me all I needed to know about her intentions.

Ed said...

CJ I had an incident where I got on the train and sat in the window seat across from a young lady. She informed me using an eyeroll that proper procedure is to take the opposite seat so we don't face each other. I politely declined her suggestion mentioning I like window seats in case I want to sleep on the way home and this seat is right beside the door I use to exit. Besides, I said the train will fill up since it's a rush hour train.

Apparently that wasn't the correct response and she let me know it. I just simply said call security and opened the e-reader. Her phone conversation was hilarious with her friend Hillary(sp).

Unknown said...

I have nearly hit that point only I don't want to throw their stuff off the train but I want to bounce it off the floor. And for those people putting their stuff on the seats because the ground is dirty or has germs, fyi people put feet on the seats sometimes but for the most part butts, some of those butts fart, now while I am unsure if there are germs in farts I am positive your bags are on fart seats. You're welcome.

Unknown said...

Sorry CJ, I wasn't defending her.

I was trying to recount how people have been known to treat me when I am trying to get settled into a seat. Some have gone beyond the stink eye and will actually comment, even seeing that I am still putting hat and scarf away!

CJ Smith said...

Aye, wee lass, pardon my assumptions! Many lack thee patience .