Thursday, January 11, 2018

You asked, here it be -'s Top 10 widely read/shared posts of 2017

I started out in 2010 where I mostly wrote about commuting on GO Transit and the experiences I had, the things I saw (with lots of pictures) and habits of others I found annoying. People found my website generally by googling questions about the GO train, and to this day, the number one search result that brings to traffic to my site remains a question about how to avoid paying fare and not getting caught. I offer no advice for this and I'm sure many are left disappointed.

The site also grew in popularity due to passengers seeking information about how to retrieve lost items. GO Transit didn't really have a comprehensive website back when I started blogging and so, I became a beacon for passengers desperate to find items they had left behind. It's how I met most of you because you found me while looking for something you lost, and then you told others about me. I will always be grateful. For those who are new to the site, here is the best lost and found story ever published: I know very little about fashion.

In late December, when I decided to take another break from blogging, one of many I took in 2017, I received a few emails from folks (mostly media) wanting to know what my top 10 posts were. I decided to look at page views and shares to determine popularity. And so, without further delay, here they are, from most to least:

  1. When you have Metrolinx as a neighbour - you have the neighbour from hell
  2. A picture tells a thousand words
  3. So this happened
  4. Never fight a stroller mom, you ain't ever gone win
  5. Don't worry, GO Transit has been made aware of this engineering marvel
  6. It's ok, the smokers will kill us first anyway - GO Transit passengers at risk for exposure to diesel exhaust
  7. GO took away schedules (train and bus) and replaced them with fluff (Note the word: "Information")
  8. Can we save the tax credit for public transit?
  9. So back in October Bombardier staff delayed an LSW GO train to make a coffee run
  10. All the applause for BN!

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