Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Out with the old...

Photos courtesy of JB


Ed said...

Finally that mouse farm is going.

No regrets here, that old building was a mess that needed demolition in any case.

Nora1968 said...

I'd be happy if they would reinstate things like newspaper boxes...many months ago, all of a sudden the Metro boxes disappeared and there was no choice but to read the poorly edited 24 Hours. Then, some months later, even that was gone.

So in addition to having to go outside in all weather to get coffee/tea/sustenance from the ridiculous Tim Horton's trailer (!), there isn't one single paper box (even a paid national) at the enormous, empty Oshawa station. Oh, but there are two TV screens - not much help when you're heading into an hour-long train trip.

Perhaps it really is as some station attendant spat at me one day when we were discussing why the TH is OUTSIDE... her words, precisely, were, "Well you can't have everything!". For the time and money spent planning and executing that station, I'd have thought that yes, we could.