Friday, January 6, 2017

Never fight a stroller mom, you ain't ever gone win

Yesterday morning a fight broke out on the 7:03 am GO train leaving Oshawa that resulted in a passenger fetching the CSA to break up the dispute.

I only heard this third-party. A woman boarded one coach east of the accessibility coach and collapsed and shoved her SUV-sized stroller into a quad. It was just her and her young child and this move eliminated two seats. Although I am not defending the situation, I will point out that it has been lighter than usual on the morning trains due to this week still being a winter break for many, so I don't think it was a rush-hour crisis.

One passenger did not like that this woman decided she could hog a quad and told her so. Words were exchanged, something-something you should be in the accessibility coach. Passengers runs off to get the CSA to settle the matter. CSA doesn't ask anyone to move anything but tells the passenger who complained she is free to sit someone else if she's that bothered by the situation.

Lots of chest puffing and shoulder shrugging. Stroller mom was near tears.

Look, many of us have been a stroller mom. Mind you, I didn't have an all-terrain stroller but I've seen the dirty looks these mom and dads get when they board buses and trains with these things. It ain't pretty.


Squiggles said...

Alrighty, my previous comment was eaten by the interwebs.

Essentially, I understand why people were upset about the stroller mom. I agree, she should have been in the accessibility coach, but that is more because it is easier to get the damn thing on and off the train! I have seen more than my fair share of inconsiderate parents struggling to get the SUV through the smaller opening.

But then again, if you need to bring your SUV on rush hour public transit, you need to be considerate of fellow commuters. They are not there to make your life easier, they deserve to not be inconvenienced because of your decision to reproduce. I am tired of bus drivers evicting other passengers from the accessibility seats (those with issues and elderly) so the mom can sit and the stroller block the aisle. I am tired of these people blocking entire quads/doorways/aisles on the GO train because they don't think they need to sit in the accessibility coach.

G said...

Why jam it into a quad instead of sitting on one of the seats near the door (where people put their bicycles?) It might annoy the "door donkeys" but maybe that's a good thing...

RonNasty said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry CJ I have no sympathy for stroller mom. When my child was small, I had an umbrella stroller, my child, and a diaper bag. We were always prepared (kid out stroller folded) for the bus, or go train and we didn't inconvenience anyone. Infact we only took up the one seat that we were sitting on. The problem is these half wits that are reproducing nowadays don't get that.

Skin Man said...

Really disappointed in the CSA. The women didn't have to her baggage did.

Bob Loblaw said...

TCT peeps are harsh! My wifey and used to use a fold up stroller most times but sometimes you gotta take the big boy. At least it wasn't a double or triple stroller. Those things are obnoxious. I say leave the stroller Moms alone. Yes it's their choice to procreate but, well, we need to keep the human race going don't we? Now can we get back to picking on foot riders and cyclists?

Tal Hartsfeld said...

What I notice about public and commercial spaces is that one often seems to be "the only actual customer/patron/passenger".
Everyone else apparently are "shareholders" and "co-owners" of the (given) establishment, and thus seem to enjoy unbridled entitlements and privileges.
And if one has anything to say about it they're treated like some kind of an intruder.

Jules said...

I totally agree with Squiggles. I cannot stand the SUV style strollers these days that people bring out. When I took my kid out on public transit we traveled light and always used a small umbrella stroller and were always considerate of others. Having a kid does not entitle you to take up 4 seats, put the stroller aside and out of the way.

Anonymous said...

There was a similar case in Gatineau Quebec on the Sto with a Stroller mom being denied service (Sto has a Stroller policy) for refusing to fold her stroller (more than likely the bus was full or the Priority seating was already occupied)

(The Sto has some buses with only one space for Wheelchairs/Strollers some with 2 and some with Stairs (yes these still exist!) .

Though not sure on the type of bus she was trying to board I can see the reasoning why the Sto has a policy in place (No time restrictions though)

Stroller policy is on the third page Section 10

Octranspo currently doesn't have a Stroller policy but one was proposed

Anonymous said...

Don't think it should've been a mission to locate the CSA if stroller mom got on the accessibility coach.......

These stroller moms should realize the using transit involves adapting.
That's why there are umbrella strollers that fold and slide under seats.
I'm seriously fed up with these stroller moms thinking they have the right-of-way in every situation, commuting, shopping in stores, on sidewalks...everywhere!
I don't need to move outta your way because you've chosen to put your kid on a mini Winnebago.