Friday, July 22, 2016

Guess what? I miss you too... here's a feel good story to get you through the weekend

Some of you may have already read this story making the rounds on Facebook. I received a copy and always the cynic (my heart is frozen, I know) I sent it off to Metrolinx PR's department to find out if they had heard about it. They had and it's made some waves. It's nice to know there's people with big hearts as passengers and employees of the system. Just one tiny detail to note, the family was sent to London in a cab, not a bus - kindly paid for by GO Transit. I love this story.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

As you can see, I've taken a kind of hiatus

Please don't be alarmed. Especially if I don't answer email.

I've been dealing with some personal issues. My day job has also become quite hectic.

Business cat is busy you could say.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wait ... what?

An update on GO bus Route 12 summer service

Special to
by @GOvoygr

Per Anonymous’ comment on Matt Baynie’s commitment to TCT last year, the weekend service on Route 12 should be more robust this summer.  Some redundancy has been introduced with the 12 (all-stops) and 12B (express) running at about the same time on most trips.  This "buddy system" worked on the morning of July 3 when a 12B trip was converted to operate as a 12 after the bus for the all-stops trip experienced a mechanical failure.  Similarly, on the morning of July 9, the 11:17 express trip was “cancelled because of an equipment problem”; the 11:22 all-stops bus was available as backup.

A tip of the hat to Mr. Baynie and Bus Ops for their proactive planning!

Why it takes longer to get home in hot weather some nights - because this can happen, trains can derail, people can die

He farejumped and rode to Mt. Pleasant

Because this is funny?

Hey crybabies... where's your "it's illegal to take a picture of me without my permission" argument now? In public space, you have a public face...

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Expect a longer commute home tonight

TORONTO: July 6, 2016 – The heat warning by Environment Canada and the City of Toronto continues today for the GTHA with temperatures in excess of 31°C. As a safety precaution, there has been a temporary slow order issued for all GO Transit and UP Express trains which will result in minor delays for the afternoon commute.

Trains during the hottest hours today, 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm, will need to reduce their speed by 15mph (but not lower than 60mph). This may add on average 10 minutes to trips (longer for longer trips but much less for shorter trips like UP Express). Crews continue to monitor the weather for tomorrow.

Sustained high temperatures beyond 30°C can cause ‘sun kinks’ in steel rails. These bends in the rail can cause a safety issue if trains pass over them too quickly. The temporary slow order is out of an abundance of caution so to ensure customers get home safely. Their patience and understanding is appreciated. 

More information is available on our website, including a video to explain sun kinks. Customers should sign upfor On The GO alerts or follow @GOTransit@UPexpress and @Metrolinx for more information. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Metrolinx Monitoring for Severe Heat Impact on Rails

TORONTO: July 4, 2016 – Environment Canada and the City of Toronto have issued a heat warning for the GTHA. As a result, Metrolinx is monitoring for potential impacts on GO Transit and UP Express rail service, as the intense heat can cause safety issues that could require temporary slow orders for trains. Our crews continue to monitor and we will keep you informed of any service impacts.

Temperatures for today and Wednesday are expected to be near or hotter than 31°C. Environment Canada issues a heat warning when the humidex value is expected to reach 40°C or more or when the temperature is expected to reach levels ranging from 29°C to 40°C or greater.

Sustained high temperatures beyond 30°C can cause ‘sun kinks’ in steel rails. These bends in the rail can cause a safety issue if trains pass over them too quickly. More information is available on our website, including a video to explain sun kinks. Customers should sign up for On The GO alerts or follow @GOTransit,@UPexpress and @Metrolinx for more information. 

Some feel good for today

Soooo we found this iPhone last night on the GO train. Since it was locked and some of us had a few beers at that point, there were bunch of drunken selfies magically taken on it. Once I got a hold of the phone, I saw there was a missed call, so I was able to return the call from the locked screen. I spoke with the owner of the phone, who told me he will pick it up from me in Mississauga the next day as he lived in Pickering. So today I met the man behind the iPhone and the voice. He was so grateful and friendly. He tried to give me cash as a reward, but I refused. I can't accept a reward for doing something I should do. And from the short time I've met this person, I can say 100% for sure he'd do the same for me. Also I had my nieces with me, so it was good they see doing the right thing is all that matter. He told me he was a season ticket holder for the Toronto FC and if he ever needed an extra person to join him in a game, he'll text me. That was cool of him to offer. I did warn and apologize for any weird selfies he might find on his phone. LOL Before he drove off back to Pickering, he told my nieces, "Your Uncle is a good man!" That statement alone was a pretty awesome reward in my books! @gotransitofficial #gotransit #lostandfound #doingtherightthing #norewardneeded #sharingmystory #iphone

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When your passengers appreciate you as much as you appreciate them... 😃 #gotrain

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Remember this guy?

Who the hell are you animals?

I'm addressing the fine folk of the Lakeshore East who bullied their way onto the 4:30 pm train last night.

There was no need to shove me onto the train and then push me towards the stairs. Two women in fact. No punches were thrown but I sure wanted to. That's how angry I was.

The train arrived at 4:21 - plenty of time to board. The platform was not packed. The train left with seats still available. This pic was taken as we pulled out of Union.

This was the first time that I ever experienced being pushed onto a train and then shoved towards the stairwell. I was shocked and pissed off by it. I let my annoyance be known by exclaiming how immature everyone was behaving.

It's not an apocalypse. Get over yourselves.