Thursday, July 5, 2018

When passengers get salty on the GO train (I love it)

Packed train this morning as most trains are that leave Oshawa before 7:15am. As my train started to near Union Station, this woman sitting on the stairs had her sunglasses knocked off her head by a woman attempting to CLIMB OVER HER so she could stand by the doors.

It got ugly super fast. Hey, if I were the woman on the stairs, I would have also been justifiably pissed. She got up, grabbed her glasses off the floor and laid into the woman who attempted to climb over her, telling her "we still had another 10 minutes before we pull  in" (true, we always idle just west of the DVP) and that she could "use her words" and excuse herself, or ask that she move.

Don't be a dick, folks.