Thursday, July 31, 2014

All your space... and a bike

via AwkwardTransit

This is the stuff people do on trains because of drank

(I don't get the "Hot Girl" part in the title... )

It pains me to confront a regular

What's a regular you ask?
A regular is what I call GO people who I see almost every day.  I don't know who you are, but I know you to see you, kind of regular.

Last night, I couldn't let something slide. I could not. Could not. Could not.  Could NOT.

I took the 643pm LSE express which is what I call the full fat express train. The light express trains are the ones that leave Oshawa and don't stop til Pickering.  The 18% coffee cream trains are the ones that make two stops between Pickering and Oshawa.

I sat upstairs. One quad over sat a regular who took advantage of the empty seat in front of her and assaulted it with her wet shoes. I should mention when she caught sight of the TSO who popped upstairs for a fare inspection, she dropped those feet and was on her best behavior, so you know what that tells me? She knows it's wrong.

Once the fare inspection was over, back up went her feet.  I said nothing because suddenly I was surrounded by foot riders. So I sat and steamed, and was busy composing an exit speech in my head, so I could tell them all off, and then bolt from the coach, when my thoughts were interrupted by a commotion beside me.

Ms. Regular with her dirty shoes on the seat got up in a huff, dramatically collected all her belongings and said, "Fucking immigrants" loud enough so we'd all hear her and made a grand and pointed exit down the stairs.

As it happened, she was annoyed by the couple who were behind her chatting in their native tongue. I heard them too, but it was quiet and nothing extraordinary.  But Ms. Regular was in the Quiet Zone. She made sure we knew that when she left.


I don't care that she did what I planned to do, to call her and others out for their footriding BS, but her racist comment had to be addressed. Footriding was just an aside - I mean, pot meet kettle, right? Getting pissed about people talking when you're also being rude by acting like you're in your living room? I can't even...

So when I saw her on the platform, I confronted her. I told her it was offensive and uncalled for.  She didn't apologize. She shrugged, lit her cigarette, and casually walked away.

I dislike confronting regulars. In the past, it's made taking the train emotionally challenging as I then take measures to avoid the person, especially if it was a heated exchange and that person isn't over it. I modified my schedule in the evening to avoid a certain regular (a smoker who smokes in the line for the bus) who threatened to punch me out when he saw me again, and I believed him, so I started taking an earlier train from work.

I know a lot of you read the blog and wonder why more people just don't speak up. Why we quietly take photos of smokers, seat hogs, Quiet Zone blabberwockies, foot riders, boozing passengers and bad parkers.  We're afraid.  That's why.

We see most of these people every day and unlike a subway train, you're confined to these coaches for quite a distance, with no exit strategy, so protecting your personal safety is paramount.

In my many discussions with GO Transit Security, even their officers marvel at what I am willing to take on, in person, because they see a side to this commuter subculture that is very dark, and very dangerous.

I saw Ms. Regular this morning. She walked past me like nothing happened.


Ajax GO Station information parking sign forgot how to information

But there's apparently a Yoga class on Level 4.

Park it like it's drunk

It's time for everyone's favorite game, NAME... THAT... STAIN!!!

Queue cheesy game show music (that's right, horns and trumpets with a lively bass line).

This is the seat next to me right now. I've been policing it diligently on this express train. People have been good about it. I mean, standing is better than sitting when you see a mess like this, which my quad mates and I have determined is fresh.  We think it's coffee. But it could be colon blow.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Please shut the door of the train shitter - thanks


I was just wondering if there is something wrong with me, because whenever I use the bathroom on a GO Train I have this weird ability to close the door behind me after I use it.  Meaning I actually close the door so it shuts.   I am wondering I am doing something wrong, because it would seem that nearly every time I am sitting the middle floor at the end of a car where a bathroom happens to be located nobody seems to have the ability to close the door behind them after they have used it.  Is this an aspect of GO Train etiquette I have missed out on?  Am I supposed to leave the door open after I am done in the bathroom, or half-heartedly appear to try close the door behind me but just give up when it doesn't?

Riding the LSW GO train to Burlington station yesterday, I happened to be sitting in the aforementioned area, and I counted seven people using the bathroom.  All of which didn't bother to close the door after they used it, or a couple of people tried to close the door but didn't make it, looked back at the door, gave up,  and decided to go back to their seats.  I understand it's been a hard day at the office, God forbid you should put an exhaustive effort into closing a measly little door behind you.  As I was sitting by the window, the gentleman occupying the outer seat in front of me who was simply trying to read his book, all seven times meekly got up and closed the door.

And we know why he closed the door right?

Because if you're sitting by the bathroom, and the door is open, sooner or later that sour bathroom solution that is in the toilet, mixed with whatever GO Train passenger has emptied into it begins to produce this wonderful "mutant funk" (credit for that term goes to a Seinfeld episode) that makes its way to the rest of the passengers in the area of the car, and I'm guessing it makes their commute shall we say….less enjoyable.

After the seventh person failed to close the door, my stop was coming up and this gentleman did it for them yet again, I thanked him for doing that all the times throughout the ride.

But I am just wondering if I am off my rocker?  Does this not bother anyone else?  Or is it totally cool to leave the door open after using the bathroom?  I know that when I am in my apartment by myself there are occasions where I will pee with the door open(TMI?). As people are having such a hard time with closing the bathroom door on the GO Train, I am wondering if this is just a first step to a whole crowd of people that will eventually devolve into peeing on the train with the door open. I know you're thinking that statement is gross or outlandish.  But the next time you sit next to a bathroom and someone leaves the door open, when that smell hit's you and you wonder what it is, just think to yourself it's all the passengers of this GO Train today peeing with the door open.

With much adoring love, V.

^ Okay, he didn't really write that but I like to imagine this is how everyone wants to sign off in their emails to me.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The UP express train looks like an derpy insect wearing a winter toque

Go home bench installer, you're drunk

When this photo first showed up on Hamilton Transit's Instagram feed over the weekend, I was more focused on the size of the No Smoking sign and less on the fact that new bench seating had been installed (which is what the photo was about).

I only half-heartedly read the comments and only when re-reading them, did I realize a point someone made.

Yeah, that should hold it

Somewhere in California, Richard Dean Anderson is crying salty MacGyver tears.

Your umbrella

Your umbrella is not an aspergill and we are not at Church, please do not feel you need to cleanse me of my sins.
Your umbrella is not a sword.
Your umbrella is not a walking stick.
Your umbrella is not a dead animal and you are not a lion, please do not drag it behind you like prey.
Your umbrella is not a pointer and we are not at School, please do not punctuate your sentences by pointing it at me.
Your umbrella is not a guitar.
Your umbrella is not a light saber.
Your umbrella is not a scepter and you are not Zeus, your umbrella need not be lain across your lap.
Your umbrella is not a cattle prod.
Your umbrella is not a yard stick.
Your umbrella is not an antenna and you are not a radio or a television requiring better reception.

Your umbrella belongs on the floor, in your bag or propped up against a window.

Your umbrella is wet. It does not get a seat nor does it need one.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Apologies for the post below

A rant wound its way into that story that had no busy being there and I agree, it was offensive. We should all live where we are comfortable and within our means. Unfortunately that isn't the case for everyone.

I apologize.

Zoned fares work for GO Transit, but setting Toronto transit fares according to distance would force the riders who travel farthest and have fewest choices to pay the most

Yeah, that's a long headline. But it nails it.

I have friends in Oshawa, Courtice, Whitby, Ajax and Bowmanville who find the cost of GO Transit expensive. I, myself, pay on average $315 monthly (from Oshawa with PRESTO discount factored in). Many of my friends have said it would be nice if GO was a flat rate like the TTC, so this story works both ways, right? Two friends quit their jobs and took positions at companies in town for far less salary but wound up taking home the same pay since they were just working to pay for GO fare.

TTC puts distance-based fares in no-go zone

GO does it. So does York Region Transit. Why doesn’t the TTC charge riders according to how far they travel?
Among the suggestions offered up in the Toronto Star’s Big Ideas series is the idea of zoned TTC fares that some readers see as an equitable source of badly needed TTC revenue. The roll-out of the Presto electronic fare card over the next five years makes it more technologically feasible.
But the people who would pay the most would be those who live farthest from downtown. Many of those neighbourhoods have high concentrations of low-income residents and fewer transit choices than other parts of the city, said Chris Upfold, the TTC’s chief customer service officer.

More on the Toronto Star website

Presented without comment

Friday, July 25, 2014

Meanwhile, on a Montréal Metro train

For the brave the video is on Youtube.  If the link dies, you can find it on LiveLeak. 

News that will make the haters weep

Out of all the adoring fan mail I get about this site, most of the love comes from those who get a serious case of the angrys because of my distate of footriding.  One person sent me an email to rival the length of text in the Bible, start to finish, about how footriding isn't even a word.

Neither was selfie at one point in time.

Most of the emails are spent defending a person's "right" to sit how they want. The sense of entitlement displayed by these whiners would curl the hair on your toes.

I always knew I was onto something when I made it my mission to stop this social epidemic of feet on seats on public transit and it appears that people who matter do listen to the PAYING commuting public.

Since 2009, according to this CBC News report, the TTC has been allowed to fine passengers who ride with feet on seats.

Yeah, I didn't know this either. For nearly five years it's been an offence on the TTC to sit like you have no spine.

I feel vindicated.

Point: me.

Butt itch. What else could cause such awkward foot placement?

Tapping your PRESTO card at Richmond Hill GO Station is hazardous to your health

Isn't there acreages of parking lot at this station? So why smoke RIGHT THERE?!

Yeah... No. The plastic seat divider isn't okay either

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rob Ford looking disappointed on a TTC bus. Probably thinking it was the worst rollercoaster ride he's ever been on, like ever

However, caption nails it.

Meanwhile, in Holland

I'm warning you...
You may be offended... THERE IS A NSFW version. Yep, that link below.

Caution: nudity, including frank, beans, and someone who lost control of their bowels.

This is the worst level of commuter behavior I have ever seen. AND HE'S IN FIRST CLASS. There has been online discussion of whether he pooped or vomited. Look, I know this is gross. I can't even ... but family members challenge me on my transit observations. My Aunty Pauline refuses to believe anyone would actually put one's feet on a train cushion.

For the rail nerds, here's some info on the train service this fellow has desecrated. Thanks to PumpGuy for the lead on this.

He was just waiting for breakfast to hop on board

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Crime of opportunity at Burlington GO Station

Nice set of rims, huh?  Yeah, I think they're cool looking, too!

Too bad this happened.

Tori, a Burlington GO Transit customer, parked her car in her usual row at Burlington and went to work. She posted this pic to Twitter. I managed to see it and asked her to email me. I wrote back.

from: Cindy (Cj) Smith
to: "Tori"
date: Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 7:12 AM
subject: Re: Burlington GO stolen car wheel

Hi Tori
This is pretty crappy.  Aside from transit security, have you filed a police report? Have you spoken with your insurance company and most importantly, aside from (text purposely censored; for privacy) are you getting any other compensation?! Insurance? Provided the deductible isn't a deterrent. 
This is ridiculous.  Absolutely ridiculous that this happened and nobody saw anything.  My husband is a mechanic, without air tools, it's quite an effort to do this but it's the cement block that throws me. It's one thing to pretend to change a tire as a ruse for theft, it's another to come that prepared.  
Was it just the one tire? Can I ask the make, model and tire size?
Has anyone offered up any theories, should people be concerned who drive the same kind of car as you? Is that a Mazda? Also what year?
And lastly, can you tell me what time you left your car at and what time you arrived back at the station? Do you always park in the same spot?
When you have a chance, can you count today within a 300 meter radius, how many other models of cars just like yours parked near you?
I know these are a lot of questions but I'd like to get your story up today and all of these answers help piece the puzzle together and help motivate people to be on alert.
There (text purposely censored; for privacy), but come on? This isn't a garden variety theft.

from: Tori
to: "Cindy (Cj) Smith"
date: Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 1:40 PM
subject: RE: Burlington GO stolen car wheel

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for your concern and help I really appreciate that.

Yes I did file a police report (text purposely censored; for privacy)

Was it just the one tire? Can I ask the make, model and tire size? Has anyone offered up any theories, should people be concerned who drive the same kind of car as you? Is that a Mazda? Also what year?

Just the one rim and tire was stolen and the rim is very specific to this un-common model Ford Focus ST (2013). I'm assuming this person has a Focus ST too and didn't want to pay the $600+tax to replace their rim. It's an 18 inch stock Focus ST rim and the tire is a low profile Eagle F1 worth about $250+tax so it's more likely they wanted the rim. Other theories are they wanted the tire and will get other matching ones form other cars or it was just a crime of opportunity and they will find buyers for each piece separately.

And lastly, can you tell me what time you left your car at and what time you arrived back at the station? Do you always park in the same spot? When you have a chance, can you count today within a 300 meter radius, how many other models of cars just like yours parked near you?

I left it on Monday July 21 at 8am to catch the 8:13 to Union, and I came back around 6pm (5:02 from Union). I park in the same spot 90% of the time yes, in a corner where it would be difficult (or impossible) for the entrance cameras to view.

I don't see many ST models around at all, I don't think I've ever seen one at Burlington GO. Once I saw a Fiesta ST but it's not the same rim.

The rims start off silver but I had mine painted matte black ($75 per wheel).

Did you see something?
Contact GO Transit Security at 1.877.297.0642

This your car? It is?! Oh you mad that it's on the internet? Too bad. You don't own the parking lot

Here's what could happen. Sometimes you just piss off the wrong person. Nope, it ain't right but parking rage is right up there with commuter rage.

Kamera porn

I've made it no secret that I track my traffic, especially the Google search terms that bring traffic to this website.

Here's a gem:

Here's what it linked to: and in a language where I have no idea what it is.

Let us know in the comments!

I think it's time for an update on the personal front

Back in February, I hit a number on the scale I hadn't seen since the year before my daughter was born. Embarrassingly, that would be 10 years ago this month.

What's frustrating is that I have not been able to move past 238 pounds. The scale goes up to 240 some days but will eventually slide back down and stay at 238. I even bought new batteries for that stupid scale. Still 238.

I routinely walk nearly 25 km a week but no longer walk 2 hours/11 km four times weekly in addition to daily walking.  My body has become very efficient at walking and walking as exercise no longer yields results.

I lost 80 pounds from walking and changing my lifestyle (I gave up a car) and eating habits (I quit sugar). As much as I love the results (I went from a size 26w to an 18w) I dislike what I need to do to keep the weight off and from coming back. It's the food. I miss, absolutely miss, sugar. I miss buffet style eating (I haven't been to Mandarin in over 2 years) I realize now I'm in mourning. And it's this food grief that is causing me to think it's okay to add a slice of very berry coffee cake (380 calories - all of them bad) with my morning Starbucks coffee.

I am tired of eating 90 grams of protein a day and the calculation and cost of achieving that number. Eating protein with every meal has proven to keep cravings away and keep the weight off but I am tired of tuna, eggs, chicken and protein bars. I have eaten every brand of protein bar out there. If you're just starting out on your own weight loss journey, I highly recommend the Detour bars sold at Costco but I'm sick of them. Fish is expensive. Although I can afford to eat it three times a week, my daughter has decided fish for dinner has got to stop. Especially white fish. She has quit on me. Her father isn't too far behind.

A few months ago I reintroduced red meat back into our diets. As my husband grilled three strip loin steaks I had marinated in a butter and garlic roux, my daughter stood at the screen door leading to the back deck, inhaling deeply, and professing her love for all things beef.  I'm pretty sure I saw a tear escape from my husband's eye as he turned the steaks to sear the other side.

It's been a rough 35 months for everyone in the Smith household.

Because of my husband's type 2 diabetes, sugar remains permanently banned from the home. I have perfected baking with Splenda and Stevia so it's not needed, but you can't make everything with artificial sweeteners (custard will give you the middle finger) and cakes just don't taste the same.  Don't get me started on ice cream.

So in an effort to shake shit up, I've taken up road cycling.  Living out in rural Clarington has its benefits with this sport as I have kilometers and kilometers of country roads at my disposal.  In my first go, I racked up 22 kilometers in an hour and 33 minutes.  I was very pleased with myself. I am now up to 28 km in two hours with 12 km of that being uphill, which slows me down, but raises the heart rate right into a prime fat burning zone.

The exercise isn't an issue, it's the diet. Because of this food exhaustion and boredom, I'm sliding back into bad habits and it's scary because I can't seem to control it. It's like putting a finger in the hole of a wall of a dam where you know eventually that hole will grow bigger and the dam will break.

I'm at a loss. I have no idea what to do here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why we don't licence the seeing impaired

The person who owns the car on left arrived at the Brampton lot yesterday afternoon to discover that a seeing-impaired person (surely a fully sight-enabled person would never park like this!) had parked next to him, leaving no room to open  his door and get in.

We have no idea how the person in the car on the right exited the vehicle and the space is incredibly tight. We assume it was through the trunk.


Transit in Toronto needs an expert, not Rob Ford

As an ex-Torontonian (born and raised, in the west end is where I spent most of my days, around the Village with Future Bakery and all, eating Polish food on Roncy and playing in High Park in the fall... did you read that with the melody from the theme song for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in your head? ) I find it incredibly insulting that an elected official like Ford, who grew up in Etobicoke, the most pedestrian un-friendly suburb at its peak, where even today most of the neighbourhoods still don't have sidewalks, where EVERYBODY has at least two cars in the driveway, considers himself THE person to know what's best for transit in Toronto - a guy that doesn't even take transit to work let alone to public events.

Ugh. I'm so done with his mug in the news.

Anyhow, got this email last week:

from: AW
date: Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 8:40 PM
subject: FordNation supporters on the TTC

Always an interesting day when Ford supporters dress up a giant teddy bear, put it in a stroller, throw some propaganda on the front of it, and march up and down the subway with it. 

He had even re-written lyrics to songs (This Land is Your Land) so they were about Toronto and was singing them. 

Apparently his name is Jim McMillan and he's a huge Ford supporter.

The board says "Rob Ford & Jim McMillan. We got the team. They got the horse & wagon (tough slogging). Rob for lower taxes, Jim for clean air & e/rail on the gardiner & Don Valley middle lanes. If you want to use the other 4 lanes for cars, odd plate endings one day, even plates on the next day. Odd plates the next. Jim McMillan"

See attached photo.

Horrifying video that won't be embedded here

I first saw this video (link below) yesterday on a friend's Facebook feed. Then I was texted the link. Then I got a direct message on Twitter and finally, an email about it.

People really want me to share this video.

I will provide the link but not show the video directly on this site.

I won't give it away - watch for yourself. The video is gross but it's safe for work.

Teen struck and killed by Kitchener-bound GO train Monday night

A young male, believed to be 16 to 17 years old, was pronounced dead at the scene, which took place at Dundas Street West and Sterling Road in Toronto's west end.

Witnesses told CBC News that a group of youth had been loitering near the tracks prior to the incident.

It was also reported that GO Transit will be assisting police by providing footage recorded with on board camera equipment.

Your 15 minutes of fame now extends beyond this website

Random observation by a GO passenger just like you

Good to know that our GO Transit service won't be affected by the pay hike for Metrolinx employees. Wonder which bucket they're going to empty to pull the cash from?


Jim Wilson made a comment about lowering fares. Ha! Is he new? *giggle* snort.

Monday, July 21, 2014

What in odor eater hell is this?

from: D
date: Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 11:52 AM
subject: Not just trains

Imagine my horror, on my flight from Van to toronto, as this foot snuck its way between the seat and the wall.

Luckily, there was no one IN the window seat, but I didn't appreciate it regardless.

You stay classy, Whitby - I'm fingering daytrippers for this one

Via email

Happy Monday!  I'd like to say mine is off to a swell start but I had to play dodge the puke pile going up the stairs to the platform.

I'll save your eyes and your gag reflex by not taking and sending a picture.

The platform was a complete wasteland of cake boxes, drink cups and other garbage. Clearly the remnants of Indy and baseball fans. Not a pleasant way to start the day.

It can only get better from here!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Parenting -- Signs you've done it wrong

You know, just when I thought society couldn't set the bar any lower, an incident on tonight's 520 LSE just proved me wrong.

Two guys sat in the quad in front of me, perfected ALL YOUR SPACE, and conducted a conversation loud enough to be heard in the locomotive over the roar of the engine. A woman seated under the quiet zone sign politely asked if they could lower their voices. She turned to point at the sign behind her. The men said nothing to her and ignored her request. When they exited at Pickering, I suspect their sense of entitlement got the better of them and in a fine display of bad parenting, both loudly exclaimed, "FUCK Y'ALL!!!" when they stood up.

As they went down the stairs, one of them leaned into the quad of the woman under the sign and said to her, sarcastically, "Hope the rest of your ride home is more enjoyable."

I. Was. Stunned. The woman looked horrified that someone would single her out so pointedly and be so disrespectful. She was visibly shaken. She hadn't done anything wrong.

Quiet zone or not, we are all within reason allowed to ask people to behave if their antics are interfering with any of us trying to enjoy the ride comfortably. So let's not blame the quiet zone for this horrible display of intimidation and rudeness. Blame bad parenting.

As a parent myself, I would be mortified to learn my grown son had conducted himself so dastardly.

Here's Tweedledouche with his leg contorted towards the window in an earlier fantastic display of footriding.

Let me go get my gas can and fill 'er up

Good news for Ajax passengers

Don't you just love that new train smell?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Anyone know when this project started (yeah I could Google it but y'all better than Google)

Just letting you all know I have emailed this person. I will post the exchange

Let's play my new GO train game! It's called: "Name the DNA!"

How nice of GO Transit to have provided a bench for this tired smoker

Hey... what the...? What's that sign?


Today I learned that Presto and GO are not integrated when it comes to fare resolution

On Tuesday, I had to override my trip home as I had been driven to Ajax after a company event downtown. I pressed the override button, tapped and got off at Oshawa. At Oshawa, I tapped on the bus and tapped off when I reached home.

Did you spot the mistake? Yeah, I didn't tap off when I got off the train, so a $4.68 fare became $12.78, as I was charged full fare to Newcastle -- the end of the road on the LSE.

This morning, I waited in line at GO Transit Customer Service in Union Station and had time to ponder, as the line snaked its way through, why I was unable to correct this fare mishap online or over the phone. Over the phone meant being mailed a credit voucher - no thanks. I'm moving and don't plan on forwarding my mail so not a good idea as it could take weeks. PRESTO was supposed to prevent line-ups. Yet, here I am, in line, to ask for a refund and also, observing a large amount of people looking to resolve under-payments and adding fare to their e-wallets. It's archaic.

I've never had a fare reversal issued before so imagine my surprise when the agent, after reviewing my mistake, he pulled out a paper and a pen.

What fresh hell is this?

I filled out my portion of the form which asked for my name and phone number and I was puzzled that there is no database application for these agents to use to collect this information. My personal information is there with the PRESTO card, is it not? I know the agent used my card to review the transactions and I have a feeling that's all he can see. This means there is no integration within Metrolinx's organization. Walking to work, it then dawned on me why those of us who use credit cards to either autoload or load fare also can't have credits applied back to our credit cards, kind of like what Ticketmaster does when a concert is cancelled. Quite simply, neither GO Transit or PRESTO can because they don't record or store this credit card information. Moneris does. Moneris processes credit card payments for PRESTO online. I don't think PRESTO has an arrangement to do chargebacks. I know it can be expensive.

In other words, there is no ONE system for GO Transit to handle PRESTO fare reversals, refunds or credits. And the reason why it takes so long for refunds due to delays to happen is because I bet at least three forms have to be filled out and processed by at least three different departments and then someone at GO Transit manually processes the credit to each PRESTO card.

Who built this dinosaur? Oh wait, right, the same government where we learned via a Toronto Star article that Metrolinx is mandated to take the lowest bid on any infrastructure project. So of course PRESTO was handed over to the lowest bidder and you know what your nana always said, "You get what you pay for."

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I laughed - because it's true

Fast Fact: When the Quiet Zone was first rolled out, GO Transit Security was overwhelmed with all the code 1033s to shut people up. As much as Metrolinx implemented this for the benefit of passengers who asked for quiet cars, it is the most counter-productive attempt at passenger comfort, ever. 

Can you tell I am not a fan? I do sit in the Quiet Zone but I don't believe anyone can realistically expect everyone to all share the same expectations of "quiet". My expectation of quiet is that you don't bring seven friends on board with you, sit in separate quads and yell at each other across the aisle about how you would love to buy a condo downtown, as you couldn't imagine having to commute every day, because if you had to do what "these people do", you'd shoot yourself. Instead, if you aren't a regular commuter, you sit down, lower your voice and show some courtesy for those who do have to do what "these people do" every day.

Yeah. Day trippers. They can shut the hell up for sure.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sorry I went over my 25 comment limit

Yep. That's about as much as I want to read on any given post on any given day but that one pic I put up on the weekend with Bob and his suds? It struck a nerve.

I'm sorry if your comment wasn't published. I have emails where people have shared stories of horrid situations involving drunk passengers. Turns out, this is a topic way too many people can relate to - more than foot riding.

I will read the emails. I won't star them. If I star it, it winds up being part of a list that is now over 500 items long of emails I need to read. I'm not complaining. I enjoy the attention the site receives. It's just that, some days, it's a full time job needing time I do not have.

Please don't be mad. Remember, I still love you. That counts for something. Remember that children's television show where at the end, the female host would look through a hand-held mirror and she'd start reciting the names of kids she could "see" through the camera. I can't tell you how many times I waited for my name. I remember putting my face right up to the television in tears, smooshing my cheek and mouth, and whimpering, "I'm right here, say my name... "

I see you.

"GO should have long ago been empowered to expand its system and service frequency" - Opinion piece in Toronto Star

Y'all know I can't legally republish the article in its entirety. Loud hissing from my lawyers from the corner of hell they sit in makes it so.

According to this Opinion piece about promises of frequent service/expanded service -- our rail infrastructure suck balls, but it's not GO/Metrolinx's fault.

"One of the ways Premier Kathleen Wynne says she’ll bust gridlock in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area is by dramatically increasing GO’s use of the region’s rail lines. She deserves applause for that decision, but also a warning flag.
For too long, the CP and CN lines criss-crossing the GTHA sat largely unrecognized as corridors for quick, cost-effective transit expansion. GO should have long ago been empowered to expand its system and service frequency. This wouldn’t have eliminated the need for major improvements to the TTC, but it would have relieved some of the pressure by creating a high-frequency urban rail service similar to those built in major European cities decades ago ... "

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Winnipeg bans busking on public transit

I like how the media spun this story with headlines leading readers to believe that if you break out into song about wheels on a bus, you're tackled and shackled and hauled off in a police cruiser.

No. Not even close.

According to a report on CBC's website:
"The rule came as part of a larger transit bylaw that makes it against the law not to pay your bus fare and establishes an array of “inappropriate conduct” for which someone can be kicked off a bus or fined.
The provision for the city’s more “musical” guests, says without permission from Winnipeg Transit, no one can play a musical instrument, sing or offer a live musical performance on a city bus or face a fine of $100 plus court costs".
So if your five year old gets on a bus in Winnipeg, like how a five year old got on my GO bus this morning, and burst out into song about Wheels on a Bus but the only verse she knows is "Round and Round" and sings it non-stop for 27 minutes, I think you're good. But if you pull out an acoustic guitar and join in - BUSTED.

I should also note this same transit company ran this ad in the 80s:

How about someone pick up a hammer?

from: TM
date: Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 7:37 AM
subject: (no subject)

Did your station have people in hard hats on the platform this morning with tablets?
They were on the Burlington platform with shirts with a construction symbol on it. From what I could gather they seemed to be asking people to sign up for notifications of construction delays and elevators out of service...or something. Then the train came. 
Any idea what this was all about?
Maybe with all those people in hard hats they could have been working on the new station instead!

from: Cindy (Cj) Smith
to: TM
date: Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 7:43 AM
subject: Re: (no subject)

This is Metrolinx’s response to the bad publicity surrounding the unwarranted lengthy construction delays at Burlington station.  Let's look like we care even though logistically we can't do much about it.
The fact that someone in PR thought it would be great to have transit employees dress up as construction workers is actually insulting.

from: TM
date: Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 7:44 AM
subject: Re: (no subject)
Seriously. There were tons of them too. Focus on finishing the station! Always seems like they focus on the silliest things when there's so much that actually needs attention.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Something - something train is not your hotel room

Via email

‎Can you spot all the things going on in these photos taken on this morning's 7:15 Lakeshore West train?

Feet on seat
Bag, coat spread across
Makeup session
Hair being 'done'

Something - something train is not your living room

Via email

Lakeshore East this morning. After making himself breakfast and clanking his spoon against the bowl to get every last drop, he removes his shoes and places them on his bag, and then begins to review materials in the three binders placed on the seat in front of him.

I would have never had the unbelievable opportunity to see any of this if the original occupant hadn't got up after a habitual blabbermouth sat down in the area.  She mutters "I'm not putting up with her this morning" and walks off.