Saturday, July 12, 2014

The GO train is not your backyard patio

Milwaukee tall boy on a Thursday evening train home? No.


Diana C said...

Why do you care? He's not driving.

Anonymous said...

@Diana public drinking is why this is not ok.

C.J. Smith said...

a) One can't always assume that anyone drinking on a train won't be driving at some point
b) GO Transit is a not a licensed patio
c) There are provincial laws in place that prohibit public consumption of alcohol
d) your attitude is the reason why many people have been led to believe such public behaviour is acceptable

Diana C said...

But getting onto a GO train drunk is okay??!!!!

C.J. Smith said...

You know what's not ok? Your argument. No one like an obnoxious, belligerent, about to fall down and pass out drunk person sitting anywhere near them on a train ride home. I'm sure many of us have had this experience, it's not pleasant. Even the happy, ready to vomit at any moment drunks can begin to grate on anyone's nerves.
Soooo... public drunkenness is also not acceptable.
You know what is acceptable? Having a few drinks when you know driving is not an option and riding the train home with no open alcohol and keeping your thoughts about nudity in professional baseball to yourself.
That was my train ride home last night after a day that started at 5:20 am. A train ride home with several adults who couldn't keep their feet off the seats, three of who were so drunk they were inviting anyone within eye contact to debate big dicks in baseball with them.

All I wanted was a quiet ride home where I didn't feel like I had to dip myself in bleach afterwards -- didn't get it so I'm sorry if I'm not high-fiving you right now for applauding a person's desire to drink a beer on the ride home.

I don't casually sip wine during my rush hour train ride. Nor do I bring a pint of beer in with me when I sit down to a meeting in my company's board room. But all that's perfectly acceptable, right?

Anonymous said...

sounds like diana needs some ethics schooling

Diana C said...

Your a miserable person. I found your site looking for GO train history and from the time I wasted looking at it I can tell you are a mean person with nothing better to do with your time. I won't be back. I want to say I hope you get hit by a train but I'm better than that. I hope someone puts you in your place. I tried but clearly I am no match for your bad attitude towards strangers. Good luck with life.

C.J. Smith said...

Don't worry, Diana, I knew from the minute we started sharing comments back and forth that we wouldn't be best friends.

C.J. Smith said...

Oh, and if you do come back, but I know you won't be able to resist knowing if I published your comment or not, so you will... Just one thing: *You're

Thanks for visiting the site. I'm sorry it was such a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Oh mannnnn..... Now I know why you only publish 1 to 3 comments a day. is this normal????!!!! or it because you just happen to be online.?

Squiggles said...

I've been next to those types on a red-eye from Calgary to Toronto. It got so bad that A) I pretended to sleep and B) the stewards were apologizing to me and would have moved me to another seat had it not been Xmas.

This is a similar situation. Completely inappropriate. Considering how they were not penalized in any way, a public shaming needs to happen.

Diana - if you don't like it, be a grown and move on. No one forced you to continue reading the site once you determined it didn't contain the information you wanted.

Anonymous said...

ooh someone got SERVED.

C.J. Smith said...

Yep. I'm online. Yep. This is pretty much routine. For those wanting to know... I typically post comments pretty much from people I recognize and from those provide a name so long as it's clear you're not here simply to troll or bait my audience. You have a greater chance of being published if you use a name. I don't care if you make it up.

Unfortunately, if I turn off anonymous commenting it forces everyone to sign in with Google which I know pisses people off and I'm okay with it pissing people off because it pisses me off that Blogger offers crap options. I wish I'd never started this site on a Blogger platform but there's no going back now.

I usually publish comments I care to read. If the comment is abusive, or one line (typically you're a loser or you suck, or my all time favourite, get a life) it's deleted.

Anonymous said...

waaaaaah??? how many loser comments do u get in a day. I bet it's hundreds!!!

C.J. Smith said...

No, not hundreds. Maybe 10-12 on average and usually driven by people batshit angry about comments I've made on their Instagram photos hastagged #gotrain or #gotransit

C.J. Smith said...

Airplanes are worse than the GO train because you can't necessarily get up and walk to another plane like you can on the train and head to another coach.

Mary said...

Drunks on the buses are always a "treat" too, and their piles of vomit left behind!

And I am hopeful the lousy comments are like water off a ducks back for you!

C.J. Smith said...

Hi Mary
No sweat off this back!

deepfish said...

I remember a memorable train trip home when I was summer-cowboying back in the 70's and 80's. Guy in coach got wasted and started making lewd comments to two nice ladies across the aisle. He was drinking from a Crown Royal bottle starting in the Peg. SOmewhere around Kenora he puked into the aisle, then bent over to look at it and fell in it and passed out.
Helpful conductor happened by and did what you would expect - helped the guy back into his seat.
I moved.
There was a nice couple in the next car (one car over from the bar car). They had an open bottle of rye whiskey. They developed a loud and long drunk fight that involved a lot of incoherencies. She got up and shambled to the bar car, lifted her top, and fell on the floor. He drained the bottle and passed out, also, from the smell, one or the other pissed all over themselves.
In the lounge, a nice young guy was seated by the brakeman and conductor. He had gotten on at some small whistle stop in Northern Ontraio. He had been on a cross canada bike trip and had given up. He was concerned that his bike had not been stowed correctly and wanted to check in the baggage car.
The conductor said "If you give me any more grief, I'll toss you off at the next stop."
I was there. All the guy did was say "Okay, but..." and teh conductor said "OFF!!!!"
My point?
Count yourself lucky that you're at least on a system that makes noises about maybe some day enforcing the right rules.
Also - never wonder why rail travel died in Canada.

Bicky said...

Geeze Louise, I go out for one day, and I miss all the action!

Not everyone finds the antics of a drunkard enjoyable. And you have no idea if the guy drinking on the train is getting off the train and into a car to get the rest of the way home. Who's liable then if something tragic happens?

LEGGO said...

Um, just wondering why Diane is saying CJ is a miserable person, yet states in this comment section:

"I hope you get hit by a train, but I'm better than that"

Just wondering how hoping someone you do not know gets injured makes you better? Who's really miserable? You know nothing about CJ, other than this site. There are far worse things on the internet and evil people who deserve to maybe get hit my a train.

CJ wouldn't get hit by a train. I'd save her. Lol. Kick ass CJ. You rock the crazy train. Lol

Skin Man said...

I am in complete agreement with the public drunkenness position. However, if a person is quietly enjoying an adult beverage I think that is fine.

After all, the public is welcome to consume hard drinks on Via, and on planes, (yes, I understand the licencing issue), but as a society we have accepted alcohol consumption on public transit, so I am prepared to turn a blind eye for the well behaved.

Perhaps it is a case of "this is why we can't have nice things", b/c its been abused by too many. Not sure.

Jules said...

While I would agree it is much better to take public transit than drive if you have had a few drinks it doesn't make it ok to drink on public transit. Why can't this guy wait until he gets home to enjoy his cold beer, or on an actual patio? Way too many people have an unhealthy attitude towards drinking, one doesn't need to get blasted to have fun. There is nothing fun about sharing space with a drunk.

April said...

Very valiant of you to offer to save her LEGGO, but CJ wouldn't get hit by a train because she isn't dumb enough to stand in front of one, cross the tracks, or go around barriers.

Abiding the laws and rules may not be as fun as . . . oh I dunno, drinking in public, but it has its upsides. Like living.

Anonymous said...

I read this site everyday as I settle in for the l o n g ride into the city (CJ is my hero), and I don't usually comment, unless someone hits a nerve -- today, that would be you Ms. Diana. I hope one day that you are forced to sit next to a belligerent drunk, with no way to escape. The icing on the cake would be if that drunk spewed chunks all over you while he tried to cop a feel. Perhaps then your attitude would change about drinking in public. Does that sound mean? At least I didn't wish you would die a violent death. That's too mean.

Al said...

I dont have a problem with some guy quietly drinking a beer during a long ride home. I think Canada is a little to anal with its drinking laws. We should be able to buy it in a grocery store, you should be able to walk down a city or town street while drinking, provided you are in control of your facilities, not beligerent or casuing a disturbance even if drunk. Many bars in Europe have plastic glasses at the door where you can pour your drink so you have one for the long walk home.

I dont see what this guy has done wrong. I have heard of some groups (train friends) that do this at Christmas time, (in the morning) shots opf baileys for coffees, or mint liquers. I seem to remember CJ And other ranting about the need for a bar car. So because its deemed illegal (so is crossing the street on the flashing hand, regardless of the seconds left) by the way. do we get pissed offf when you see someone bolt at light speed to cross the street? of course not, traffic hasnt been given the green light yet, but the are stil breaking the law. I say Drink em if you got em, but keep to your self.

Anonymous said...

"I hope you get hit by a train, but I'm better than that"

Not much better though apparently, since you said it anyway.

Al said...


I think thats a Pabst Blue Ribbon. not Old Millwaukee.

C.J. Smith said...

I'm all for a licensed bar car with a cut off. Yep, Europe is more Liberal with its laws but these laws that are the societal norm and have been for a long time.
Public consumption of alcohol would take a lot of education here in North America about how people should act accordingly.
I saw in Vegas what happens when you let people loose on the street willingly drunk and it wasn't pretty.

Anonymous said...

No need to come down with the vapours over someone enjoying a drink, so long as he's not be disruptive or otherwise being a prick. I lived in Japan for years and no one would bat an eye over someone having a beer on the train.

I'd rather have Mr. Tall Boy there than the idiot 20-somethings that get on the train half-smashed and yell at each other across the aisles.