Thursday, July 17, 2014

How nice of GO Transit to have provided a bench for this tired smoker

Hey... what the...? What's that sign?



Squiggles said...

Yup. Some kind of special.

It amazes me that they feel free to do this, yet act offended when confronted by their by-law contrary activities.

Anonymous said...

Aren't the GO bike cops not supposed to enforce By-Law No.2? Smoking is prohibited anywhere on GO Transit property.
Has anyone even seen a GO bike cop yet?
I haven't.
Who wears white shoes?

deepfish said...

This buttsucker is plainly dogging it when it comes to meeting her crop dusting responsibilities. Custom and tradition dictate that, for maximum annoyance effect, she must place herself in close proximity to no-smoking signage and/or a doorway to the station or a bus or train.
As for enforcemnt? Bahahahahahaha! Snerk!

Tal Hartsfeld said...

People are such anarchists when it comes to their own rights and liberties---yet despots when it comes to anyone else's.

Lori said...

Gotta love it when misbehaving smokers (there are some well behaved ones out there, few and far between though)smoke in close proximity to a no smoking sign.

Anonymous said...

9 meters from ALL entrances or doors ... or in designated areas only people. ITS THE LAW. Respect the the law ... and the non smokers out in the world ... not everyone enjoys your "breath of fresh air"

Some people r just plain ignorant.

Anonymous said...

At union today in the west bay st teamway some chick was smoking literally right beside a no smoking sign. Wanna guess where her discarded butt ended up?

deepfish said...

" Smoking policy

VIA Rail offers a completely smoke-free environment in all our trains — as well as in all our stations. We wish to thank smokers for their understanding and cooperation."

At Oakville this morning (6:30) the buttsuckers have apparently upped the ante - "The Captain", "Mr. Safety Guy" and "The Finger" (see Oakville Smoking Club passim) have all migrated from their previous clubhouse between the GO No Smoking Signs to sit on the bench by the VIA rail station.
I mean - go for the trifecta guys! Oakville, Provincial and now Federal regs all flouted at the same time!
Its not like anybody (Halton By-Law, Oakville Transit, GO Transit, VIA RAIL) will actually ever ENFORCE the rules they tout in their specious adverts, right?