Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Something - something train is not your hotel room

Via email

‎Can you spot all the things going on in these photos taken on this morning's 7:15 Lakeshore West train?

Feet on seat
Bag, coat spread across
Makeup session
Hair being 'done'


Valentino Assenza said...

If this train is on it's way into Toronto chances are this photo was snapped at Aldershot. Even at Burlington the trains already start to fill up. If this is the train that goes express @ Clarkson, there's no way "Princess" could have kept her things arranged as such. She would most definitely have been asked to move her stuff, and if she didn't the peeps @ Clarkson are frustrated enough as it is that the train is already full, there's no way they would tolerate Shishi LaRue and her things scattered about.

But please give this gal a break people. Can't you show a little empathy? chances are "Princess" hit the snooze button three times, had to rush to get ready for work, missed her morning latte at Starbucks, had to spend time parking the Audi in the GO parking lot, and on top of that had to run for the train. How would she have ever had time to do hair and make up? Come on people. I hope the Customer Service Ambassador was kind enough to put her stuff in the VIP Courtesy Closet once the train filled up.

Anonymous said...

Last week someone on my train had her coat over the headrest like that. The shocking thing is that somebody sat down in the seat behind her and didn't say anything about the coat!

Squiggles said...

@ Anon. In a case like that, deep down, I really hope the person who didn't move the coat has ickies on their scalp that travels to said coat and infects princess.

And now, I am really wishing I hadn't written that, because all I want is a shower.

Skin Man said...

crush all the coats!

outburst said...

Are there really trains this empty? Westbound trains are never like this and are usually so busy in fact that people have to stand in the aisles and stairways. I wonder if this has something to do wtih the high volume of people that use chairs as bag and foot rests.