Friday, June 28, 2013

There is so much "no" in this picture, I don't know where to begin


Hang on ... let me just answer my purse


Just shut up and take my money!

It took me 30 minutes, three bank branches and a meltdown with a branch manager to buy $200 USD this morning at TD Canada Trust.

I should have just done an ATM withdrawal and gone to RBC where there were 12 tellers ready and willing to shut up and take my money, compared to the one teller per TD Branch (cough) ready (cough) to serve 9-12 people in line at each branch.

I also had a question about my bank account that I'd been procrastinating about and really wanted that addressed as well... hence my stubbornness to walk over to the competition.

I really need to work on that.

My lips are sealed! Said this purse


You know there's a dog in your briefcase, right?

Check out this "Littlest Hobo".


Thursday, June 27, 2013

By further request ... piling on more stuff onto the brokeback donkey

I put out a request on Twitter yesterday that our brokeback donkey from Tuesday's post (shown above buried under various items from my "I'll just put this here" pile-on game) needed a few more items to help him enjoy his GO train trip more comfortably, so... based on those suggestions ...

In case he gets a caffeine craving, I'll just put this here:

In case he wakes up and his hair is a mess, I'll just put this here:

In case he needs some entertainment, I'll just put this here:

And in case he wants to clean his sneakers, I'll just put this here:

Why is it so hard to dispose of a dead deer?

Instead, this was done.

This is where the deer was yesterday.

This is today's chat about the situation with the photographer:

It only took some 20 odd years to get a new one

This is my new iron. It was purchased a while ago but there's a point to this post. Just hang on.

It's a Panasonic self-cleaning, auto-shutoff, horizontal AND vertical steam iron. You can iron clothes right on the hanger with this beast. It replaces the 20+ year old one my mother gave me (she reckons she bought it in 1989). The toothbrush is how I got steam since the button broke over 15 years ago. This, my friends... THIS RIGHT HERE... is the ultimate example of procrastination. It also demonstrates how much I really enjoy ironing.

I'm posting this because yesterday morning I ran into my old roommate, Holly, at Union Station. This is how Holly remembered me - ironing with a toothbrush for steam. After we said our hellos and we showed each other kid pics on our phones, she burst out with, "Oh my god, do you still have your toothbrush iron?" I'm not throwing old toothy away.

Now that it's legendary, I'm hanging on to it.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

By request ... more pile-on needed

It was suggested that our donkey from yesterday may need a beverage after consuming such a large quantity of popcorn, so, in case he gets thirsty, I'll just put this here.

Does he drive with one hand on the curb, too?

Even Helen Keller can do a better parking job than this donkey, who, according to the photographer, is a repeat offender.

These photos were taken on different days over the past six months at the Maple GO Station.

A picture that is all kinds of sad

Hey Cj

This is a picture of a dead deer that has been decomposing under the overpass at Langstaff station since Monday
GO Transit was notified at the station and via Twitter. They did respond and said that they were looking after it.
Today (Wednesday), all that was done,  was someone moved it closer to the train platform and put a tarp over it. 
It's starting to smell.
Soon, it will bloat and with this heat, explode. 

---------------- End of text message ---------------- 

I guarantee you, if this was a dog, someone's pet, it would have been picked up by now.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

People like this need to be the victim of the "I'll just put this here" pile-on game

When my husband was in his late teens/early 20s and would party with his friends to the point of someone passing out, they would play a game called, "I'll just put this here".

The end result was something like this:

That's what needs to happen to donkeys who pull this kind of crap on trains:

In case he gets lonely, I'll just put this here.

In case he gets hungry, I'll just put this here.

In case he wants to iron his pants, I'll just put this here.

In case he needs to throw anything out, I'll just put this here.

And in case he needs a ride home, I'll just put this here.

I'm just gonna go on and take this rhino head home

Of course this rhino has accessibility priority. It's missing its body.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Some folks truly have no shame

Every coach on every GO train has a washroom.

Be grateful for that.

Sure, it's gotta be downright disgusting and gross to use these airline-approved toilets where the cool, blue and fragrant water refreshes your butt with every jolt and bump, but at the very least, locking yourself in one guarantees you some privacy.

Here's what you can use a GO train washroom for (in no particular order):

Taking your shoes off and airing out your toe fungi
Plucking hairs from your chin
Plucking your eye brows
Curling your lashes
Filing your nails
Clipping your nails
Painting your nails
Flossing your teeth
Brushing your teeth
Putting on make-up
Wiping the sweat from underneath your breasts
Freshening up your "pit" stick (aka applying deodorant)
Shaving your face
Using your nose trimmer
Applying perfume
Applying hair spray
Moisturizing your legs
Dry-shaving your legs
Pulling off your pantyhose
Wiping your feet with baby wipes
Changing your socks
Face-timing your significant other
Screaming at your mother in law through the phone
Cleaning out your toes
Cleaning and flicking the junk from your toe nails/finger nails
Scooping out the dry ear wax from your ears
Airing out your cooter 

A woman said this last week on the train. I shit you not. She sat down one quad over from me on the 4:53 pm LSE train to Oshawa, hiked up her skirt, opened her legs and told her friend across from her, "I've gotta air out the cooter."

Needless to say, I got up and moved to another coach.

I told you. People are gross. Shared space is not "my space".

Save it for the car or shove yourself in a washroom and go to town. You have my blessing.

I get that it's hot but c'mon ... so nasty


Source: rsvpstarbwoy

Because nothing says party like a GO train party

- Submitted

Sad car is sad

No one knows the story on this Honda other than it was sitting parked like this at the Oshawa GO station.

Looks to me like someone swiped the bumper from one side, hard enough to break the bracket and pull it from the frame.

I like how the person who did it left a note. Gold stars all around.

- Submitted

Gather round kiddies, it's story time!

This wonderfully penned account comes from JC:

So the fare checkers caught a brazen fare jumper this week. When they approached her quad, which was across from mine, she closed her eyes and acted like she was either sleeping or listening really intently to her music.

Officer: Excuse me, Miss.
*no response*
Officer: EXCUSE ME!
*her seat mate nudges her*
Deadbeat: Oh my God! What? (at three times the normal volume)
Officer: May I see your ticket, please?
Deadbeat: Huh? (Annoyed, hostile)
Officer: Ticket, please.
Deadbeat: For what?
Officer: I need to see your ticket for the train ride.
Deadbeat: Why?
Officer: This is a fare check. May I see your ticket, please.
*Deadbeat roots around in her bag for ages*
Deadbeat: I'm looking for it. Just come back to me.
Officer: That's okay. I'll wait. (Pleasantly)
*Deadbeat rolls eyes and sighs loudly. She eventually produces a battered Durham Transit bus pass and flashes it at the officer for one second before trying to shove it into her bag.*
Officer: That's a Durham bus pass.
Deadbeat: Yeah? And?
Officer: I need to see your GO train ticket.
Deadbeat: I just showed you my pass. It works on Go Transit.
Officer: On the Go Bus. Not the train. Plus we're at Guildwood, not in Durham Region.
Deadbeat: Okay.
Officer: So you don't have a ticket for this trip?
Deadbeat: I have my pass. I was told it was fine.
Officer: Who told you that?
Deadbeat: The guy at the Go Station in Pickering.
Officer: I seriously doubt a Go Transit employee told you to use your bus pass on the train to Union.
Deadbeat: Believe what you want. That's what he said.
Officer: May I see some ID please?
Deadbeat: What for?
Officer: You're being issued a ticket for failure to produce valid proof of payment.
Deadbeat: Are you serious?
Officer: I need your ID, please.
Deadbeat: Oh my God! This is retarded.
Officer: Your ID, please.
Deadbeat: I don't have ID.
Officer: Then we're going to have a problem.
Deadbeat: Seriously, you need to chill. The train goes to Toronto whether I'm on it or not. Why you have to make such a big deal about it?
Officer: Do you have ID or do I need to call my partner over? We can hop off the train and deal with this at the next stop.
Deadbeat: Psssssh. Whatever. Here.
*produces the ID she said she didn't have; Officer writes up ticket*
Deadbeat: This is EXPLETIVE ridiculous. Stupid toy soldier rent-a-cop. Tough guy with a uniform... Ooh. It's not like it's your personal EXPLETIVE money.
Officer: Okay. Everything is explained on the back of the ticket. How to pay it, how to contest it. Any questions?
Deadbeat: Nah. You just go on feeling important with your little job.

At this point, the fare jumper actually turns to her seat mates for sympathy and support and seems astonished not to get any.

Deadbeat: Why they gotta be like that? Seriously. Like I know for a fact NOBODY pays for the Go Train. Nobody.
Me: We all paid. You'll notice you're the only one in this car who didn't.
Deadbeat: Whatever. Just mind your business and don't get into it with me. I'm not in the mood.

My personal favourite is the "it's going there anyway" defence.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The driver of this car probably can't "math" either

PS. This Star Trek nut is more than welcome to "warp" his way off this planet and take his car with him.

- Submitted (Maple GO Station)

Use the sticker for scale

Everybody off, we need to set the coach on fire. It's the only way to get rid of it.

- Submitted

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some people need to shut the hell up and let the bus driver drive

I'm so bloody annoyed.

I know that drivers are annoyed, too.

We're annoyed with people who can't shut up, who feel a tremendous desire to tell the bus driver their whole life story.

Here's what happens when you bother the GO bus driver who is trying to drive 70 km/hr. You slow him down. You make him brake prematurely. He misses people and stops.

You're a jerk if you disturb your GO bus driver with 40 people on board. You're endangering my safety, their safety and the safety of others on the road.

He's trying to concentrate on everything going on around him. His brain is processing and disposing of information faster than what was thought humanly possible. But when you start to natter in his ear, his focus is more on you and less on the road.

My driver ran a red light this morning. He didn't even notice. It wasn't his fault. It was yours - the one who won't shut up.

You know who I am and I know you will read this.

I called you out on it and you didn't like it. Tough. Just stay off my bus.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So I have to be a pirate for the next couple of weeks

Today I was diagnosed with, wait for it, central serous retinopathy.

My eye doctor, who is most awesome, said I could quote Wikipedia for the description, after he read it to give it a seal of approval for publication to the masses on my website.

Central serous retinopathy (CSR), also known as central serous chorioretinopathy (CSC), is an eye disease which causes visual impairment, often temporary, usually in one eye, mostly affecting males in the age group 20 to 50 but which may also affect women.[1][2] When the disorder is active it is characterized by leakage of fluid under the retina that has a propensity to accumulate under the central macula. This results in blurred or distorted vision (metamorphopsia). A blurred or gray spot in the central visual field is common when the retina is detached.

The good news is I'm not blind, will never be blind but it's awful to be dealing with this when my job is 100% reliant on working with a computer, graphics, text and colour. It's been sucky.

The condition will go away on its own but the doc can't tell me how long. The good thing is it was caught early and can be treated early to avoid the condition from worsening.

I have to wear an eye patch and sunglasses as much as possible. This is to reduce stress on the eye.

I plan on wearing the eye patch at work, and forcing all my co-workers to speak pirate.

Most likely, I developed this due to the intense round of asthma puffers (3 of them) I had been on for the past 12 weeks.

Just another joy of being an asthmatic.

Now someone buy me a parrot.

This is the crazy you are looking for

from: DY
date: Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 10:12 AM
subject: yesterday's bus ride
Hi CJ,
Thought you'd enjoy this.

I usually take the 413 GO Shuttle from the Bus Terminal to the GO Station. Yesterday morning we picked up a passenger I recognized from my 94 Bus days. She's a little loopy. You know the type - never has her pass out (in the good old days), but assures the driver she has one; has two or three bags and is juggling a cup of Timmy's tea (bag in, this is important). Well, since they are discontinuing her regular bus, she's trying different routes. On she gets, bags in tow, Presto card nowhere in sight. Has to find a place to put her tea while she rifles through her stuff to find said card. Finally locates it, pings, and sits down.

This is where it takes a turn, you might say. I noticed that as she was sipping her tea, she was also nibbling at the cardboard cup. Yikes, I thought - I hope we get to the station before the tea is finished. Nope. But you'll never guess what she did next. Smooshed the tea bag against the side of the cup then proceeded to dab it against her eyelids!!!!! I'm very glad I was wearing glasses; they kept my eyes from falling out on their stalks and bouncing against my cheeks. She proceeded to very calmly look around and announce to her fellow passengers 'that is very refreshing'.

Oh god, I hope she finds another bus.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Parking donkey gets owned at Oshawa GO Station

This. This is awesome.

Sounds like it will get worse before it gets better

Two hundred thousand people try to push their way in and out of the PATH and subway from the GO Concourse at Union Station during rush hour.

Many people are just fed up with the chaos and the cattle-car feeling of trying to feed through the doors. For people trying to come into the GO Concourse, it's like you're a salmon making its way upstream.

More from The Toronto Star ...
"Beneath the feet of harried commuters, in the “dig down” started in June 2010 where a new pedestrian walkway is being created, work is humming along.
The city has excavated an area the size of three football fields and is almost done replacing and reinforcing the support columns for the York section (214 are done, 233 are left for the whole project). They will continue laying down new concrete floors for both levels in that section until the end of the year."


Rollin in my GO bus, sippin on gin and juice (laid back) with my mind on my money and money on my mind...

How nice that GO Transit buses provide a window ledge that doubles as a foot stool for this tool sack.

Go ahead, stretch out. After all, for sure you're the entitled sod GO was thinking about when they removed the seats in the "accessible" section of their buses.

That's also his litter which I reminded him to pick up when we got to the station.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Needs more TTC? No, this site needs more GO train

TTC passengers are fascinated by this blog, especially its longevity.

I'm a consistent and passionate blogger. This was not an impulsive start-up.

Please don't stop sending in your links and pictures of funny TTC stuff but suggesting I make the site more than what it is, well, frankly, I can't do it. I ride GO transit. I'm loyal.

The theme isn't changing anytime soon to include subways. It can't be all about subways, subways, subways.

Isn't that Rob Ford's job?

Sorry, just had to get that out there. I figure if I put it here, then this Edward guy would stop harassing me.

Go home, Edward. You're drunk.

Aww, look. She even has a pillow

- Submitted

What? It's just a cat. Riding the TTC subway. Don't act like you've never seen this before

Source: worldclassvivii

Thursday, June 13, 2013

See this man, he's a priority, not you donkeys

Occasionally this man treks into Toronto to run errands.

Like everyone else, he likes to be home by supper.

I have learned that people on his train, able-bodied people who ride in the accessibility coach because "it's more roomy" (direct quote from an email from an entitled passenger) will advise him, with grand delusions, to take a later train so he can have room for his mobility scooter.

Holy baby Jeebus! Really? Who raised these clowns?

I received a text message from a CSA who told me, in exasperation, he finds he has to beg passengers to move to other coaches to free up space for disabled passengers. His pleas are often ignored.

I know there are many of you who feel accessibility is arbitrary, only determined by the time of day, amount of passengers on board or worse, feel disabled passengers should avoid rush hour trains all together. This makes me all kinds of hella mad. I mean MAD.

I'm not disabled but I have a co-worker who is. I have seen the disrespect she receives with my own eyes. She is not an entitled person. She moves slower than others. She can't stand for a long period of time as her disability can cause her to be a bit wobbly. She's such a kind person and it sickens me to witness how people treat her. She is not a second-class citizen. She is a home owner, tax payer and paying passenger. Give her a seat. Not because her disability entitles her to one but because it's the right thing to do.

These are the small sacrifices us able-bodied people should make.

I can ride a bike, ski, ice skate, drive a car and climb stairs like nobody's business. Others aren't so lucky. 

This isn't about pity, or who was on board first, or what time of day it is ... it's about respect, kindness towards others and compassion. My sister is mentally disabled. Don't think I don't know for one second what it's like to be judged or discriminated against or made to feel like a second-class citizen when I'm out with her.

I've said all I've had to say on this topic. The picture above speaks volumes about what's wrong with our society.

It's a damn shame.

So some women (and OPP ladies) pulled a GO train for charity... Impressive, right?


Athletes Choice promotes a world record event that pits 12 women against a locomotive to raise money for charity. Conceived by Scott Grisewood, this event raised over $20,000 in it's first year for the local Food Bank.
- YouTube


According to a text whose author has fallen down a well, this photo was part of a Crossfit (charity?) exercise.

If you know more about this event, leave a comment. I'd appreciate it.

- Submitted

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ready to play GO train Roulette?

I'm betting it all on 7:06/Pickering. All on red, baby.

GO has decided that for those of you who like to gamble, and want to avoid this:

... you can use this handy chart to determine seat availability on their trains.

For those of us on Lakeshore East, there's no point on betting on the 6:47 am or 7:53 am trains out of Oshawa. Not if you're getting on at Pickering.

Lately, due to a bus driver who can't drive more than 50 km/hr when being chatted up by chatty Cathies on my bus (I can feel a rage coming on. I really want to toss these two ladies off the bus) I've been forced to connect with a later train out of Oshawa and miss the 7:15 am train.

According to an email I got from GO Transit tonight, my bus is being rolled back four minutes earlier come June 29th. My bus is set up to connect with the 7:28 am Oshawa train. That's fine. But most days, my bus driver can get us there for 7:10 am, which makes 40 people fucking ecstatic. But these two women don't ride to the station. They get off before. They don't start til 8 am at their local jobs. These honey badgers don't care about us.

See, told you I would rage.

For seat availability charts for other corridors, click here.

Photo courtesy of mreynolds87

This health update is brought to you by ...

I had one of these "kits" when I was 10. My best friend Cathy had a baton.

She had I would get together on my front lawn and pretend we were Olympic 'ribbonists' and 'twirlers'. Then one day, she made me mad, so I shoved her baton between the grills of the sewer grate in front of my house and watched it fall into the storm water below.

She didn't talk to me for three days after that. I honestly can't remember what she did that made me so angry. I see her next month for a lunch date. I should ask.

Monday, I stood on the scale and 277.2 flashed back at me. Now hang on, don't gasp. I used to weigh 318. Okay, now you can gasp.

Go on. It's okay.

Oh, and the trolls can make all the fat jokes they want, I pay it no mind.

It takes a lot of courage to tell a bunch of strangers about your diet journey. For many people, it's a personal matter. I'm more open. Although it's not easy to tell people how much you used to weigh.

The last recorded weight for me at the doctor's office was 318 on August 18, 2011.

But I don't focus on numbers. I've been on this journey way too many times and have travelled up and down the scale that I've learned to not let the scale be my Lord and Saviour.

So, that's where I am at right now. Still car-less (which is why the weight is dropping off), still sugar-less (my husband was diagnosed with diabetes, a condition he inherited in December 2010) and walking 25 kilometres a week (not by choice, the kid has to get to the sitter's and I need to catch a bus). I eat between 1200 and 1800 calories a day, try to maintain a 40-50% carb to 25-35% protein to 20-30% fat ratio and consume less than 25 grams of sugar daily ( <- br="" challenging="" everything="" in="" is="" it="" seems="" sugar="" this="">
I'm not an emotional eater. I don't blame genetics, or my parents, or stress, or television, or fast food, or my sedentary career (even though these are factors, they're not excuses). I'm an impulsive eater. I get something in my head and I need to eat it. Before my husband was forced to make the lifestyle changes he's made, we were each other's own worst enemies. We were food buddies. We ate our way across Canada together, I like to say. But all good things come to an end.

I'm always afraid I'm going to jinx myself if I write about my weight loss and it's a fear I need to overcome. The only person who can jinx this success is myself.

One of the tools I've been finding helpful, coupled with forced exercise, is this app I downloaded called MyNetDiary. My husband finds it sucks on the iPhone but it works great on my Samsung.

What I really want to get my hands on is a FitBit. A woman I know via Facebook credits her 150+ weight loss to using the program (along with a rigorous exercise regime that puts my walking to shame). I find there's value in feeling in control of what you put in your mouth.

I'll update again in a few months.

Parking donkeys. Needs more fire

Even as a kid, I had a low tolerance for other people who couldn't colour in between the lines.
Two year olds, I can forgive. 40 year olds, not so much.

For example, KC sent this pic in.

This was taken at Clarkson Station, which is extremely tight for parking due to the garage construction. KC had no choice but to squeeze himself in between two idiots as it was the last space left. The Jeep on the right was pushed over somewhat, but the driver still could have done a slightly better job. But the VW driver on the left had zero excuses... look at how much room he's got!

KC says: Message to the donkeys: If either of you damage my car, I've got your plates.

Then there's this:

In the text message attached to the photo, the person wrote,"So many empty spaces, but this woman parked on the walkway at Maple GO station just to be 40 feet closer."

That's ok. Arnold will take care of this.

Thanks Arnold. Now get back in my trunk.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Poor bus shelter. You didn't deserve this

This bus shelter at my local GO bus stop has had a bad run lately. Friday night, someone smashed the front glass. Then on Sunday morning, at around 2 am,  two men decided to kick in the glass covering the advertising poster.

My neighbour told me about it as her back deck is just across the river from the shelter and she was outside, nursing a headache, when she heard two males laughing, then banging and then glass shattering.

This is why we can't have nice things.

People suck.

Remember the woman from the Toronto Star story who got fined for holding up a Lakeshore West train?

One of Francine Leriche's Facebook friends posted this on imgur:

Background on the story here (from this site)

Congrats, Francine, you got your 15 minutes, but I'm not sure if it was the 15 minutes you were looking for. More like troll level: "Bad-ass" commuter.

Her friends are congratulating her actions on her Facebook page, public for all to read.

This woman truly feels she did the right thing. Amazeballs.

P.S. The Toronto Star has opened up commenting on the story published yesterday.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Will my faith in humanity be restored?

I still can't believe, three days later, that I left my husband's birthday gift on the train Friday night. His birthday was Saturday.

I've carried so much crap with me on and off the trains over the past six years and I've never forgotten a damn thing. But the first time in 13 years I decide to buy my husband a birthday present (usually we go out for dinner), I leave the damn thing under my seat.

I'm really mad at myself. And with Father's Day around the corner, I am not expecting it back. The timing of someone finding the gift and realizing what next Sunday is, I'm stupid to think anyone would turn it in. But I keep thinking there are lots of people out there, like myself, who continue to do the right thing when they find lost items and turn them in.

Over the years I have turned in:

a BlackBerry
an iPhone
a Nokia phone
a Kobo
a brand new pair of Nine West heels
a gift bag with wrapped gift
a jacket
a coin purse
an MP3 player

I never once kept anything for myself. I did go to Lost and Found once to claim an umbrella I lost and was given back one that wasn't mine, it looked like mine but didn't have a metal tip, but it was raining something fierce and I felt I was owed the umbrella. Don't make me feel bad about it. I brought it back the next day to tell them it wasn't mine and was told to keep it.

Items found on Lakeshore East trains come in to Union today between 1 and 3 pm. Wish me luck.

So advocating for the disabled makes me self-righteous? No, it means I have integrity which many people lack


bbl has left a new comment on your post "Oh look, this coach has room for my golf clubs ......": 

I don't know the circumstances in this particular case, but when I took the GO train the accessibility coach was never full of people who actually needed to be there (i.e. people with assistive devices, special needs, disability, etc.). If this guy isn't keeping someone who needs an accessible seat from getting one, get over it. If he was, I'm sure he'd move if asked.

This post comes off extremely self-righteous and annoying. People need to chill. 

Posted by bbl to You. Me. Ride This Crazy Train - Adventures and Observations on The GO at June 9, 2013 at 12:15 AM


C.J. Smith has left a new comment on your post "Oh look, this coach has room for my golf clubs ......": 


So when the parking lot at your local shopping plaza is empty, do you park in the handicapped spots? Or do you leave them empty?

The accessibility coach MUST remain accessible. Doesn't matter if you don't see anyone in a wheelchair. If the coach is full of people and their crap, the person in the wheelchair who just so happens to appear at the next stop becomes a second class citizen and has to miss his or her train.

That's fair to you?

But at least Mr. Able Bodied Golf Cart Guy gets where he's going. Right? 

Posted by C.J. Smith to You. Me. Ride This Crazy Train - Adventures and Observations on The GO at June 9, 2013 at 1:07 PM

Go ahead, bake your feet, we don't mind

- Submitted

So did she make everyone else on the train even more late while she argued with the transit officers?

Francine Leriche said she told the transit officer who first approached her that she was holding the doors open because “I need to get home.” She added that she thought someone had run to speak with officers near the front of the train about how the doors closed too soon, and that she kept her hand in them to make sure the train didn’t leave.
- From a story in today's Toronto Star

I can't believe this passenger actually went to the media looking for sympathy after she tried to hold open the doors of a train. It makes no sense why she made this decision.

She was already on the platform. The train itself was late. She wasn't late. She was supposedly on the train when she decided to hold the doors open. For who?

It's just an incredibly stupid story, not worthy of the energy it took to publish it. Why didn't this mom make the necessary arrangements to leave at 4 pm to ensure she didn't disappoint her daughter? I don't know her work situation. Maybe she has a tyrant for a boss who doesn't care about family events?

But in the end, it sounds like she made a bad situation worse. She should have kept her mouth shut.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Worst seats ever. Am I right?

This is the only situation where I will stand.

These seats are useless.

I hate them. I hope that just by looking at these, you begin to feel your ass hurting. Good.

My work here is done.