Monday, June 10, 2013

So did she make everyone else on the train even more late while she argued with the transit officers?

Francine Leriche said she told the transit officer who first approached her that she was holding the doors open because “I need to get home.” She added that she thought someone had run to speak with officers near the front of the train about how the doors closed too soon, and that she kept her hand in them to make sure the train didn’t leave.
- From a story in today's Toronto Star

I can't believe this passenger actually went to the media looking for sympathy after she tried to hold open the doors of a train. It makes no sense why she made this decision.

She was already on the platform. The train itself was late. She wasn't late. She was supposedly on the train when she decided to hold the doors open. For who?

It's just an incredibly stupid story, not worthy of the energy it took to publish it. Why didn't this mom make the necessary arrangements to leave at 4 pm to ensure she didn't disappoint her daughter? I don't know her work situation. Maybe she has a tyrant for a boss who doesn't care about family events?

But in the end, it sounds like she made a bad situation worse. She should have kept her mouth shut.



Unknown said...

The story makes no sense. How could she be waiting 1/2 an hour for the train but end up caught in the door "trying to board" (according to the story). Was she on the wrong side? I know the doors close faster on the "getting off side". But it still makes no sense.

And why did the Star not enable comments on the story? Because they knew people would comment about how entitled she must feel in order to hold the train up for everyone so she could get to a Sparks meeting?

Make the necessary arrangements to ensure you're on time and at the right track. And maybe this wouldn't be an issue. I have no sympathy, sorry, but I don't.

Carolyn said...


No sympathy from me here.

I was on the train in question. It was 28 minutes late and then we were made to wait another 12-14 minutes while security dealt with this woman.

It made for a fun Tuesday night, trust me.

FRED said...

Sounds like she was on the wrong side of the platform.

One of your favourite people, CJ! A triple D!!! Crying for sympathy none the less!

She deserves the $135 fine.

Anonymous said...

Because of this woman, I missed my sons baseball game (which I would have been on time for if not for her selfishness, I planned accordingly to be there on time). She delayed 3 trains worth of people from their lives/families, and I cannot believe she is looking for sympathy!

DAVE LSW said...


It was more like 40 minutes.

ExGOnowTTC said...

But she needed to make it to SPARKS! WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN??????

Harith said...

Haha, this and the story of the guy who wasn't let into the rolling stones concert because he was intoxicated.

Both whined to the Star. They should have gone to the Sun, they're better at the "outrage for the common folk" spiel.

Anonymous said...

I too was dismayed that there was no option for comments on The Star website. That would have made for a good Monday morning giggle.

After having my life disrupted several times due to door issues on the train I just have no sympathy for someone who can't figure out how to get onto the train properly. There are dozens of screens displaying the boarding tracks, and there are even people who will help you get to the track if you can't navigate the station on your own.

Finally, that other passenger running towards the front of the train was using their rational, logical mind to locate a door that was open. Perhaps the next time she should try doing the same.

MATT said...

The GOstappo should just stand at the top of the stairs on the platform where the DDD's line up and give them all the option $135 fines as they get to the platform, or they can turn around and wait on the proper platform with everybody else. That would probably curb the entitled behaviour in one helluva hurry.

VRS said...

Ever since the Star reported was arrested at Union the Star seems to have a hard on for GO transit. The amazing part is they keep publishing stories about poeple doing things they shouldn't and blaming GO transit for it.

Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy for this moron. She admitted she was mouthy and defiant, enough said. That is threatening. She deserved the fine and arrest. I would have been pissed if she didn't get it, too sad that along with all the other entitled idiots out there she didn't get that she was being a twit.

Anonymous said...

Francine is a friend of mine. Amazing how all of you can judge someone you don't know just from reading the paper.

Really hope none of you ever find yourself in a situation where you're made to feel like a criminal instead of a paying passenger just trying to get home.

C.J. Smith said...

So having an opinion about her actions is bad? Immoral? Wrong?

Since when?

Squiggles said...

It's called Free Speech. Though Canada doesn't have a First Amendment, we do actually have it freedom within the Charter.

The woman herself did wrong, whined about it to the paper and then thinks she will gain sympathy? Not in this lifetime. GO riders are fed up with the self-entitled attitude shown by more and more people. That can be seen on these pages alone.

What gets me is that A) she holds up the train because B) she wants to get home. Someone please (pretty please with a cherry on top) how those two actions work together to get the damn train moving?

Pat said...

So Francine's friend, you're only bitching because you know her, if you didn't know her, you'd be judging just the same.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous. She admitted to being beligerant and mouthy. Let me ask you something, when a cop pulls you over for speeding do you give him/her the finger and mouth off to them? Of course not! If you did, guaranteed, they will be as hard on you as they possibly can.

Bottom line, your friend effed up, then pissed off the GO Transit cop that was doing his job and now expects sympathy from the thousands of people she inconvenienced? Pulleeeeeze.

Does this make her a bad person? I wouldn't say so based on one action. But she is in the wrong here, not GO Transit.

If there is more to the story, do-tell, but it seems fairly cut and dry.

Anonymous said...

Comments are now open on The Star story.

Not one has given her any sympathy.

Anonymous said...

There was no "pissed off" transit cop. This lady was directed several times to allow the door to close and failed to do so. She, by her own actions, delayed hundreds, if not thousands of passengers. The officer gave several chances for her to comply. When she failed to do so, she was rightfully arrested and released with a fine rather than the criminal charge of mischief, which would also apply here. Sounds like GO Transit went above and beyond here...

Anonymous said...

Seems pretty dangerous to me. Its not like an elevator door, I'd never stick my arm to hold a train door open. Her story doesn't make much sense.

Anonymous said...

Francines friend: your friend is a tool, and she's being judged because of a multitude of reasons, to name a few... 1. held up a train full of commuters and caused a dangerous situation 2. was beligerant to a Go safety officer and 3. she doesn't realize she is a tool.
I think she's being judged fairly.

Anonymous said...

To Francine's friend - really?? REALLY?? You're REALLY trying to make it seem like EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS REACTED IN THE SAME WAY WHEN HEARING ABOUT FRANCINE'S ACTIONS IS IN THE WRONG??!! Are you and Francine high on the same glue?

This story should go down in history as one of the only times the internet has completely agreed about what a tool someone was based on something they did. There is no defense here. And to think she WENT TO THE PAPER about this! What an IDIOT!

It's too bad the train couldn't have just dragged this horrible creature along as it left the station. She would have deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is there is more than enough idiots like her...last night as I was on my 5:10 LE train some guy stood in the doorway with his hand on the door, standing on the track...not even in the train.. as they were trying to close the doors, for the third time! He was just standing there looking down the track. When someone finally told him that we all wanted to leave his response was "I'm holding the door for the people that are stuck in the stairway".
Ah yes...seriously, some people are just that ignorant and stupid.