Friday, June 14, 2013

Needs more TTC? No, this site needs more GO train

TTC passengers are fascinated by this blog, especially its longevity.

I'm a consistent and passionate blogger. This was not an impulsive start-up.

Please don't stop sending in your links and pictures of funny TTC stuff but suggesting I make the site more than what it is, well, frankly, I can't do it. I ride GO transit. I'm loyal.

The theme isn't changing anytime soon to include subways. It can't be all about subways, subways, subways.

Isn't that Rob Ford's job?

Sorry, just had to get that out there. I figure if I put it here, then this Edward guy would stop harassing me.

Go home, Edward. You're drunk.


Bicky said...

Your blog, your rules. Those who don't like it, don't have to play.

P.S. Happy Birthday!

Edward said...

I admit. I was a little over zealous. Don't be mad