Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Parking donkeys. Needs more fire

Even as a kid, I had a low tolerance for other people who couldn't colour in between the lines.
Two year olds, I can forgive. 40 year olds, not so much.

For example, KC sent this pic in.

This was taken at Clarkson Station, which is extremely tight for parking due to the garage construction. KC had no choice but to squeeze himself in between two idiots as it was the last space left. The Jeep on the right was pushed over somewhat, but the driver still could have done a slightly better job. But the VW driver on the left had zero excuses... look at how much room he's got!

KC says: Message to the donkeys: If either of you damage my car, I've got your plates.

Then there's this:

In the text message attached to the photo, the person wrote,"So many empty spaces, but this woman parked on the walkway at Maple GO station just to be 40 feet closer."

That's ok. Arnold will take care of this.

Thanks Arnold. Now get back in my trunk.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's an Audi. Don't they have special privileges like BMW drivers? The standard rules do not apply them.

Anonymous said...

1:34. So true. And the VW is essentially a baby Audi, so he's off the hook too.

Lucky bastards.

deepfish said...

I'm from Oakville where they have actually codified the entitlement set for German imports. At the top of the heap are the Mercedes drivers, who get free passes for almost everything, including driving over boxes of kittens. Next come the Audis and Beemers who, among other perqs, never EVER have to signal lane changes or sudden left turns. At the bottom of the heap are the VW Passat and other drivers (particularly the black ones) who are just starting out on the arsehole continuum, and therefore must try a lot harder....

Anonymous said...

I'm new to GO train. Is there an unpublished list of ethiquettes in the GO Train?
The train was approaching Union Stn, some commuters would stand up and start walking towards the exit before the train would stop. When the train came to a stop, I simply stood up from my seat, I did not even try to skip the line-up. I was waiting for the people to pass. Then this lady came out of nowheere to tell me how rude I am to stand up right at the time when the train stopped while all these people have stood up and waited for like 5 min before stop. What is this? Harassment? Super Lady teaching manners?

C.J. Smith said...

I have no idea what that woman's problem was. She was just being a donkey. Pay it no mind.

Dan-1 said...

Super Commuter Lady with a super rod up her super...well, you know where. :)

DF said...

Im very impressed that the car in the middle was able to back into that tight space! I could never do that without taking out a few mirrors.

KC said...

DF - Honestly, I didn't realize just how tight it was until I backed in. I was surprised myself I didn't clip him after taking a closer look.

Luckily, Civics are quite manoueverable (sp?)